WWE Reportedly Re-Branding The Divas Division


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WWE Reportedly Re-Branding The Divas Division


The WWE is re-branding the Divas division following WrestleMania. The ugly sparkly butterfly Divas Championship belt is expected to be the first thing to go. Several reports have surfaced that a new belt has been commissioned.

The new Women’s Championship title will reportedly look very similar to the WWE World Heavyweight championship belt. However, it's mounted on a white leather strap instead of a black one and it's smaller.

The WWE will also stop referring to female wrestlers as "divas." The Divas division will now just be the Women's division since nobody has really used the term "divas" since 2006.

Charlotte will defend her the Divas Championship against Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch this Sunday. The winner will be one of the last women to carry the Divas belt and the first one to get to use the new title.

Charlotte is one of the women who pushed to get rid of the Divas division.

She told Alfred Konuwa of Forbes.com:

"I think changing it to Women's Championship would be great. It's 2016 now. We've had the Divas Championship for how long now? And I just think NXT is the Women's Championship, I find no reason why the main roster couldn't change it."

"Obviously there's a lot of branding that goes along with it we've had the butterfly belt. The term Divas is special to WWE, and the fact that, for instance myself, I wouldn't look at myself as your typical Diva. Strong, athletic—strong is the new skinny, however you want to look at it—being able to have all these attributes as an athlete and be called a Diva I think it's great but I would like the name Women's Championship."

The official announcement of the changes will be made on Monday’s WWE RAW from Dallas, the night after WrestleMania.

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