‘What Lola Wants’ Week Starts April 18 + DVD Giveaway!


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'What Lola Wants' Week Starts April 18 + DVD Giveaway!

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For those who have been following our LA Film Fest coverage or the end of the year Top Ten Films lists here at Starpulse.com you might be aware of the massive love we have for the cool indie lovebirds on the run flick titled "WHAT LOLA WANTS." Not only did it nab our coveted Best Film from 2015’s LA Fest, but it also placed at #4 on Jason Coleman’s own Top Ten Films of 2015. Well, there’s great news for fans that never got a chance to check it out – Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing "What Lola Wants" on both DVD and Blu-ray on April 19, 2016!

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(To purchase your own five-star copy of the film click the link below –http://bit.ly/WLWDVD!)

And while the release does have its own special features and the like that make it well worth adding to your collection, we here at Starpulse.com want to give the fans and newbies a little something extra. So beginning on Monday, April 18 the entire week is going to officially be…


What exactly does that entail? Why, an in-depth focus on a five-star flick we were quoted as calling “A captivating fun flick that leaves no cinematic stone unturned…” of course! So expect some candid conversation and honest interview insight into "What Lola Wants" from all the heavy hitters involved, plus even some cool extras features only available here that you can check out right alongside your copy of the film.



And speaking of your own copy to proudly usher in the week to come Jason Coleman via Starpulse.com and Jimmy O from Joblo.com through their joint venture Flicks For Fans are proudly giving away four DVD copies to eager movie hounds! How to win? Simply go to WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/FLICKSFORFANS and under the section with the links to this article in the comments section put in your name and your favorite hidden gem flick. (Just like "What Lola Wants!") The best of the bunch will be judged by Jason and Jimmy and will be sent a DVD copy, so good luck!

There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing a film that utterly blows you away – except maybe touting it to those who are unaware. So please enter to win a DVD copy and join us here on Monday next week for our very loud and proud "What Lola Wants" Week and help pay tribute to a hidden gem that should be discovered by everybody!


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