With Vtcoin After Bitcoin , Another Big Virtual Currency Rise?


24, October 2017: The bitcoin Vtcoin (abbreviation: VTC, currency symbol: V) is a kind of peer-to-peer (peer-to-peer) technology based on “network currency, Vtcoin through the complex algorithm, the total can only reach 100 million before 2137, after the total quantity will be permanently limited to 100 million. It can help users pay immediately to anyone in the world.

Bitcoin is used to deal with small amount of payment, bitcoin is used for large amount of payment, and bitcoin is more suitable for small payment. The bitcoin is the founder of the Wei Dai bitcoin community called “a” scientist joint major ore pool jointly launched to the center of the virtual currency. Point to point (peer-to-peer) means the remittance channel that controls money without central authority. On the contrary, the task of currency transfer is collective management by network nodes. Anonymity means that all parties can hide their true identity.

Foreign name Vtcoin
Development time 2017-6-02
The total number is 100 million
Abbreviated VTC
Developer Wei Dai
Algorithm scrypt encryption algorithm
Circulation platform fullcoin
The current market capitalization of $20 million
Design purpose

For small transactions, bitcoin is used for large payments, and bitcoin is more suitable for small payments.

Soon after bitcoin, the world has been attracted by the limited amount of total bitcoin, decentralized, block chain technology, consensus initiative participation mechanism and anonymous exchanges. The demand for special currencies has risen rapidly. In some small countries where inflation is serious, the use of special currencies can preserve the value of citizens’ assets. Unlike traditional centralized virtual currencies that are issued or controlled by specific agencies in the first generation Internet, bitcoin uses a block chain developed by peer to peer networks to open wide applications of the second generation internet.

You probably don’t know what the block chain is, but you’ve heard of bitcoin. Specifically, the blockchain is protected by both parties, a system using block chain structure to achieve record storage and cryptography to ensure consistent reliable storage, can not be tampered with, can not deny transmission and access security technology. Because of various advantages to bitcoin blockchain, now fired more and more expensive, a few miners.


Vtcoin is a free software project released under the MIT/X11 license, which allows you to run, modify and copy the software according to your own needs. You can also issue a modified version of the software if you want.

The software is released in a fully transparent form, and the user can independently verify the binary version and the corresponding source code.

Recent news

Researchers at the Central Bank of Finland will call the “special dollar” economy the “revolutionary””. In a new working personnel document released in September 5th, the Bank of Finland economist said the results of a survey to bitcoin infrastructure import and export, and this technology constitutes a monopoly agreement by running “”. In general, the three authors (Gur Huberman, Jacob Leshno and Ciamac Moallemi) believes that the monopoly characteristics of protocol will give bitcoin economy offers a degree of protection, it can be through the protocol layer to prevent the manipulation of the bad dynamic role.

The organization said: bitcoin is a monopoly by the agreement rather than the management of the agency. Familiar monopolies are managed by regulators to determine and change prices, products, and rules. Monopolies are often regulated to prevent or at least mitigate their abuse of power. The article also points out other noteworthy conclusions, namely, because of these judgments, that the special currency itself can not be regulated ”. The author said: “special currency can not be supervised.”. And there is no need to manage it, because, as a system, it is submitted in accordance with the agreement, and its transaction fees charged by the user is determined by the user’s efforts independent of the miners”. Although the document itself points out that the attached view does not represent the official position of the Bank of Finland, it is worth noting that the central bank is now involved in technical cooperation with the project.

Not long after VTC came into existence, an Australian company called Living Room of Satoshi announced that it would accept VTC payments. Subsequently, the digital product market Rocketr also announced that customers could use VTC payment in their online stores. Block chain trading company Coinify increases VTC payment for Merchant Collection options, and social media Yours switches its small payment currency to VTC. With the development of time, more and more businesses support VTC payment. However, most of these support VTC is online payment, the entity store market that supports VTC payment is still blank.

Vtcoin now

However, a recent store that supports VTC payments was born in Tokyo, Japan, a sushi restaurant in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district. This sushi restaurant has also become the first entity to accept VTC payments.

Takahiro Gozu is the boss of Ginza Numazuko sushi catering group. This place is known for Tokyo bitcoin users. It began to accept BTC payments in March 2015, and there was a bitcoin ATM in the hotel. This place is also a very popular place for visitors in the digital currency industry.

Gozu said he hadn’t heard of bitcoin before, until recently. He was persuaded by Ken Shishido to accept the payment of money in the restaurant. Ken Shishido once together with bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver together organized the 2013 bitcoin gathering in Tokyo.

Gozu said, “I think we should try it, although we don’t know what the future of bitcoin is going to be.

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