Van Hire Glasgow – Tips When Moving House


If you are moving house, you may find it an extremely stressful process. You need to pack all your items into boxes, then move them to your new house and then unload them. It can also be challenging to find the type of a van to use. There are various van hire Glasgow options that have different vans of different shapes as well as sizes. So, which one should you choose?

Firstly, you need to think logically when choosing van rental Glasgow. What is the size of your house? What items will you be moving with into the new house? You can possibly carry all your items or stuff from your house by a van in one trip. It simply means that you will need more trips to move all your items. If you have a lot of stuff, then selecting a small sized van isn’t an ideal option. In short, you need to be reasonable with your selection. If you want to reduce the number of trips you will be making when moving your items, you need to take a van of the right size.

If you don’t have a lot of items, for example, a few boxes to move then small sized vans are appropriate. The small vans available have capacity of holding up to 600kg. There is no point in hiring a big van when you have very little to move. Some of the small vans you can opt for are short-wheel base vans or SWB. The van is shorter in length but they are taller making them simple to maneuver. They have back doors, a side loading door as well as restraint hooks that will hold your items and keep them secure. The load is about 2.5m long, 1.6m tall and 1.5m wide.

If you have bigger items to move, then the van you will be renting needs to be bigger as well. Good examples are long-wheel base vans. They are very tall and offer more space where you can carry bigger items. The load area is about 3.5m long, 1.7m tall and 1.7m wide. Some of these vans have long load spaces, for example, 4.2m. They can be used comfortably in carrying large or bulky items.

The van rental Glasgow agencies have different models of vans to choose from. Some of these vans have larger loading spaces. They can be used to comfortably carry white goods, furniture and other large items. Depending on the van you choose, it is imperative you make sure you drive and park it carefully to avoid damaging your stuff or items. You need to place the larger items first. Then, put the bigger ones at the edges. Additionally, you should make sure that the items are tightly held together. You can use a rope or restraint hooks to prevent or secure your items from falling during transportation. With the right van you can easily move your items to another house stress free.

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