UK Loan Company Achieves Massive Approval Rating


03, October 2017: A loan company is pleased to announce that they have a fantastic record for loan approvals. Swift Money is proud to say that 97 percent of their same day loan applications are fully approved. This is making life easier for UK borrowers who want to take out a quick loan to pay for anything from bills to their next holiday.

UK customers can borrow a maximum of one thousand pounds for a same day approval. As well as this, the company allows borrowers to choose how long they take to pay it back. They can arrange to repay the loan in one month or a year after receiving the money. Customers can borrow anything between £100 and £1000 to make sure they have the money they need in their account.

Swift Money is aware that handling finances can be difficult for the average UK customer. Particularly, for those who are on low incomes or who are unable to work. That’s why they aim to be part of the solution, providing customers with the money they need without the delay for checks and processing of the payment.

Swift Money aims to provide a simpler solution for people who need to borrow money. They feel that there are too many lenders these days that overcomplicate the process with long checks and delays before approving the loan. Or, never approving the loan at all due to an inconsequential detail that cropped up on a drawn-out checking process. With Swift Money’s same day service, customers can get the loan they need instantly, with a decision made the same day and the money deposited in their account within hours.

Swift Money was set up and devised as an easy and simple way for customers to apply for the money they needed for the comfort of their own home. The company aims to help customers avoid the issues and delays that they would experience from other short-term loan businesses, giving them exactly what they want. Swift Money has been supporting UK customers for years, providing necessary during difficult financial climates.

The whole process of applying for a loan will take customers just sixty seconds, and all they need is a few details such as their account number and sort code. They will then receive a notice later that day, letting them know if they have been granted the loan. The loan is a no-obligation offer and as such, it is the customer’s choice whether they take out the loan once they have been approved.

Whether or not a loan is granted will be based entirely on the details given by the customer as well as a credit check. However, customers with bad credit can still apply for a loan and may be granted one if their current financial situation is healthy. With an approval rate of over ninety percent, this is one of the best options for UK customers who need extra money in hand, fast.

More information about the short-term loans available from Swift Money can be found on their website. Alternatively, the business can be contacted directly with the information below.

For Media Contact:
Mark Scott
Swift Money Ltd
1-3 The Courtyard,
Calvin Street, Bolton,

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