Torrent Websites: Why Not to Access Blocked URLs

Why Not to Access Blocked URLs


India is a country where people love to watch free downloaded movies from Torrent. Recently got a shock when some news aired with their concerns on accessing torrent websites, as news came up with a warning of three-year jail and a possible fine of 3 lakhs for accessing blocked torrent sites. In the history of internet several torrent websites have been blocked by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) over illegal and pirated content, but still, many users keep popping up. As these banned sites never flashed a warning sign with the possible consequences.
You must have seen this warning on some blocked websites:

This news of getting punished for opening banned site created a lot of tension among several users of Torrent, who downloads movies from it. Many felt that they could get in prison for downloading a movie. Well, it wasn’t the truth that one will have to pay some penalty for accessing blocked websites because Government hasn’t introduced any law on it.
Downloading a film from Torrent was illegal and will always be illegal. The government has become a little more proactive due to pressure from various companies who own the copyright on the content or movies. However, it is not the duty of the Government to find individual and prosecute the offenders rather it is the job of the Possessors to protect their copyrights.
Copyright holders are pressuring the Government to block all the Torrent websites. Implementing any law against Torrent sites is a big headache and in a populated country like India, it is impossible to do so. And why it is so? Some reasons that proves that you won’t be punished for accessing blocked URLS:
Firstly, Copyright holders couldn’t find who is violating their copyright material.
Secondly, taking an action against the individual offenders is not cost effective.
Thirdly, going against piracy which is taking place on such a mass scale is not possible for any Copyright Holder.

I have provided the reasons that why Government can’t punish you for accessing blocked torrent URLs. But at the same time, I would like to tell you that there is no provision made that Government can’t take any action against you. The Copyright Act has specific provisions now to deal with online privacy system. If you have Copyright holders have not proceeded against you, then you should stay away from this presumption that anyone can’t catch you ever. Before you go for downloading a film from an illegal source, then have a look at the given points that why you shouldn’t access to Blocked Torrent Websites.
Any person who breaches or abets the infringement of the copyright knowingly or any other right conferred by this Act shall be punishable with incarceration for a term which can be for three years and will have to pay a fine not less than fifty thousand rupees to two lakh rupees.
Police have the power to seize infringing copies if he is satisfied with a crime under section 63 in respect of the infringement of copyright in any work has been committed then Police officer can seize all copies of the work without any warrant.

So, there is a free suggestion that you watch movies from legal sources after paying some amount.

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