Tips To Make Your E-Book More Efficient


E-books have changed the world of writing and book publishing. Be it be textbooks or novels, E-books are everywhere. Students prefer E-books over textbooks. Kindles are made specially to read E-books. This sudden increase in demand of E-books is because of the simple fact that E-books are easy to carry. You can have as many books as you want in lesser space.


If you are an author and are on the verge of writing your first E-book then here are the few tips for the same. You learn from your mistakes but you mus also learn from others mistake. Here are the few things that you must take into consideration before starting your first E-book. Avoiding few things and embracing others can make your first E-book a successful one.


  • Deciding the topic of the book: Now this is obviously the first step. Choose your topic wisely. Most of the time authors of E-book fail because of choosing a wrong topic. Writers think that if they write on a topic that is trending and has a vast range of audience then his work will be successful. Unfortunately, this is just a misconception. You must choose a topic which is tempting to you. Choose a topic that makes you feel like writing and gives you inspiration to write. Your topic must be your driving force. You can never get success if you are not in love with what you are writing. We can only give our best to things that we really enjoy.


  • Formatting your E-book: When you step in the field of writing an E-book, you automatically become a publisher and marketer. E-books are self published. Self publishing means you are the in-charge of all the process from writing to editing and formatting the book, from designing cover page to planning marketing strategy, everything is under your control. You need to understand each and every aspect of book publishing.


E-books are written in different formats. You need to confirm what format your online book publisher wants and accordingly format your E-book. Self publishing gives you the freedom to hire editor etc but then you need to pay them from your pocket.


  • Market your book: As I mentioned before that self publishing in India gives you the charge of marketing, it doesn’t mean that your online book publisher won’t do anything. They do come up with many book promotion ideas but you are free to promote your book as you want to. Make good use of this opportunity. If you are blogger, promote your book through your blog. You can also give some signed book to your followers. LinkedIn and other social media can also serve this purpose.


If you pay attention to the above mentioned points, you can surely do justice with your first E-book. Summing everything in just one article is not possible but yes these are the key points that must be considered.


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