The Most Entertaining Police/Chihuahua ‘High-Speed’ Pursuit You’ll See Today


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The Most Entertaining Police/Chihuahua 'High-Speed' Pursuit You'll See Today


California Highway Patrol officers chased down a runaway Chihuahua on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge over the weekend.

A policeman on a motorcycle and another one in a patrol car were forced to pull over the chihuahua on Sunday morning after he took off on the busy highway, according to the Los Angeles Times. Officers were forced to stop traffic and work together to catch the canine.

Officer Vu Williams told the newspaper: "We’ve had dogs on the bridge, all sorts of animals: seals, turtles, you name it. We never had one that took off and took so long to get."

It took the officers four tries before they were able to successfully scoop up the pooch and remove him from harm's way.

The pup was fine following the chase and was taken to San Francisco County Animal Care. If he's not reunited with his owners within five days, the chihuahua will be available for adoption.

Members of the department jokingly named him "Ponch" after one of the characters from the popular 70s show "CHiPs." Erik Estrada, apparently amused by the reference, retweeted the story.

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