Texas Garage Door Company Announces Plans To Expand Into Larger Facility.


16, November 2017: You probably do not think about it too often, but nearly every family home in the state of Texas has a garage. Garage doors have a lot of moving parts whether it is; manually operated doors, electric garage doors, or roll-away doors, your garage door will need some sort of repair or replacement.

Over the last few years Texas Garage Door has built quite the business. Because of their extreme growth Texas Garage Door has announced that they will be relocating to a new facility. The new facility features a larger storage area, show room and parking lot. We interviewed the manager of the business Daryl Uberoi. Mr. Uberoi said; “All of us here at Texas Garage Door are very excited. To us, it is kinda scary because we are not quite sure yet where we will be relocating to, but at the same time we will be able to more efficiently run our business and to also expand Texas Garage Door”.

When asked about the expenses each month in order to stay in operation Mr Uberoi said this; “Yes, it is a bit of a price increase for monthly rent, however the other staff members and workers all agree that a newer larger facility will make operations easier and more effective for everyone.”

“We have not signed on an exact building yet, but we have our eye on several in the immediate area”. Mr. Uberoi concluded.

No exact dates are planned yet for when they expect to move. Mr. Uberoi expects that the move should be within the next several months.

About Texas Garage Door:

The company has been in business for 3 years. They serve the state of Texas and are licensed in the state. For more information visit their website at www.garagedoorrepairtexas.com

For Media Contact:
Company: Texas Garage Door
Phone: (512) 566-3994
Email: dispatch@garagedoorrepairtexas.com
Website: https://garagedoorrepairtexas.com

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