Start Doing These 8 Things And You’ll Become Happier, According To Science


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Start Doing These 8 Things And You'll Become Happier, According To Science


There's no sure-fire way to achieve happiness, as we learn over our lives. But that doesn't mean there aren't changes we can make to our lives that increase our likelihood of finding it.

A recent study by went analyzed the aggregate data of its users to determine correlations between happiness and their lifestyle. Sure, it's not a study that's going to get published in a research paper, but nobody gets more data about people's habits than online dating sites do. They found eight strong correlations between habits and happiness, which you'll see below.

So take a look and see if you're practicing any of these eight habits. Or if you can pick some up!

1. Live in Texas (or Miami)


Seriously. The top five happiest cities are: El Paso, San Antonio, Miami, Fort Worth and Austin. If you're already residing in one of those, you can cross this one off your list. Nicely done!


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