A Significant Range Of Stand Fans & Wall Fans Is Selling Cheap At Laabai.Lk


10, October 2017: To beat the summer heat in Sri Lanka, customers can now purchase a wide variety of electric fans that Laabai.lk is offering at discount prices. They have different types of fans that customers can use in home, offices, shops and other places. All these fans are from the leading brands, like Boston, Aiko, and Kundhan, and come with a quality guarantee.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, they have a range of Stand Fans(laabai.lk)that can meet the requirements of different customers. They have 3-blade, 4-blade and 5-blade fans with the stand, available at a price discount of 30% or above. These fans are fixed with powerful motors and can offer different speeds to enjoy cool air in different weather conditions. They have different models and colors for customers that can best fit into their home environment. These fans are energy efficient with a super quiet motor to enjoy the coolness in a noise-free environment.

The online store also sells several types of Wall Fans (laabai.lk)that are beautiful in appearance and which blend perfectly with the décor of the built space. The 5-blade wall fan is available with the remote control to switch it on or off and also control the speed from a distance. Available with one year warranty, the fan comes fitted with a 100% copper motor which lasts longer. The fan can clock the maximum speed of 1250RPM and has three different speed levels. With 16-inch ABS plastic blades, the fan can spread cool air all around to cover a large space.

Laabai.lk also brings Rechargeable Fans(laabai.lk)that come with the 1600mAh acid battery. They have an Aiko rechargeable fan that also has the LED light. Available in blue and green colors, the fan has three different speed settings and two different light settings. It also has a 0.5W torch and the fan requires 12-15 hour charge time. The fan can be charged directly with the AC or DC power and can also be charged using a power bank through the Micro USB charging port provided in the fan. After charging the fan can be run for around 2 hours at high speed or can give the LED light for 4 hours duration.

One can learn more about all types of fans available on the online store by visiting theirwebsite www.laabai.lk

About Laabai.lk

Laabai.lk is an online store which is designed and created to encourage users to shop with a better feel of ease and simplicity. This site or better known as an online store will try the maximum possible to get the goods that customers in Sri Lanka dream to own at a price that they wouldn’t find anywhere else in Sri Lanka.

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