How to Select the Right Watch for Yourself?


Finding yourself in a store full of watches can be daunting. As there are numerous brands, styles and technologies, it can be confusing to select a watch. The following tips can help you select the right watch for yourself.

Digital or Analog: Analog watches usually feature minute and hour hands with Roman numbers or markers to show the time. However, digital watches have an LED display where the time is shown numerically. Analog watches are worn for formal wear and digital watches are more sporty and casual. Thus, based on your preference, you can choose an analog or digital watch. However, analog watches are preferred as they come in several styles and are more elegant and formal.

Body and Case size: Your body size can help you choose the most appropriate watch for you. If you’re on the bigger side, then standard size watches might not suit you. Thus, bigger watches would be more appropriate for you. However, if you’re an average or smaller built person, standard size watches will work for you. The most common case sizes for men are between 40-44mm and 36mm or smaller for women. However, it totally depends on your personal preference too. However, one must avoid using watches that are wider than the wrist.

Material of Band and Case: Some common case and band materials are ceramic, plated base metal and stainless steel. However, steel and ceramic are more durable. A lot of people go for gold filled watches as well. One can even choose solid gold or silver, however, such watches are expensive and recommended to be worn on special occasions. Leather bands are a classy option too, and replacing them won’t be expensive as well. Apart from this even PVC bands are available. The choice of case and band is again a personal preference and also depends on the amount you are willing to spend. Depending on how often you would be wearing the watch, you can make a choice.

Shape: Classic watches for men are round, rectangular or square. The most common among them is round. Women’s watches also come in these shapes. However, nowadays fashion watches are available in almost any shape. The classic round, square and rectangle can be worn with anything and you won’t go wrong. While you can buy watches based on your outfit, going classic allows you to use them with a lot of outfits. Whether you’re planning to buy classic or  unusual watches in uk, you can find almost any style that you can imagine.

Brand: While some people can afford almost any watch, some have a limited budget. A majority of people have the budget constraint while purchasing a watch. Fortunately, a number of popular brands, including high end brands and luxury brands have watches that cater the needs of different budgets. Thus, you can purchase cool watches, irrespective of what your budget is. However, as a good watch is considered as a good investment, you must be open to spend a little more.

These are some basic criteria that you must consider when buying a watch.

Where should you buy them? Irrespective of whether you’re looking for a Slow jo watch, Cronometrics watch, Void watch, Bulbul watch or any other brand watch in UK, you can find a wide range of options online. Buying online also gives you the opportunity to compare prices of a specific watch in different online stores. For example, if you’re looking for void v03d watch, just type this in an online search engine and you can get the price of this watch in different stores and buy it from a store that is selling it at a low price.

Purchasing online also gives you the opportunity to compare various styles at your convenience and buying a watch that suits your style and budget.

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