San Diego IP Law Attorney Announces Free Consultation for Filing a US Patent Application to Help Protect Client’s Unique Ideas & Innovations


San Diego, USA; 31, October 2017: Located in San Diego, the Law Office of Gerald Maliszewski has a national presence and can play a decisive role in protecting the intellectual property and patents of their clients. The attorney is available for a free consultation, guiding clients to complete their patent application process without any mistakes.

According to Mr. Maliszewski, who is an intellectual property attorney and licensed by the Patent and Trademark Office and the state of California, “Many inventors are not aware of the process of the patent filing and their unique ideas are always at a risk to be copied or infringed upon by others. I am offering free consultation so that one can learn everything about protecting their intellectual property and can also file the provisional patent application.”

In his career as an intellectual property attorney, Gerald has represented many inventors and has filed over one thousand patent applications. He understands how important it is to protect the innovation or the IP of an individual or a corporation and offers quality and affordable legal service besides the free initial consultation. After filing the application, the law Office of Gerald Maliszewski monitors and updates the client on the status of the application.

With years of experience in filling the US patent application for clients, Gerald provides his clients with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By offering free consultation and guidance and providing affordable legal services, he respects a client’s innovation and endeavors to help them succeed.

Speaking about the US patent filing process and the US patent application search, Gerald reveals that it could prove a hassle for a non-legal professional. “It’s sensible to take the help of an experienced IP attorney to get an individualized service, from filing for a patent to its successful prosecution,” he states. One can learn more about the intellectual property legal services that Gerald offers by visiting the website

About Law Office of Gerald Maliszewski:

The Law Office of Gerald Maliszewski is an intellectual property law firm, specializing in patent prosecution. The Law Firm has a national presence and is located in San Diego, CA. All work is managed by Attorney Gerald Maliszewski who is an intellectual property attorney, practicing patent prosecution, licensed by the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) and the state of California.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Gerald Maliszewski
Telephone: 858-451-9950

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