The rising power of guest posting – An In-depth Experiment Report


Guest blogging is a part of a big internet marketing services spectrum. It offers uniqueness, quality, and productivity with minimal effort. To test it’s effectiveness, we devise an experiment,which was carried out by our marketing team. We were looking to use guest blogging for increasing our writer’s credibility, increase in our website rankings and provide those platforms with extra traffic. In this experiment, we started posting on different blogs. We divided the experiment into 2 parts. In the first part, we posted articles on moderate blogs with Moz domain authority varying from 20 to 40. For more quality guest posts, we ordered 4 guest posts from (2 guests posts of Moz DA>50 and 2 of Moz DA>60). And it was definite at the end that it helped to increase our blog traffic. Here are the more details:

This experiment was 2 months long and:

– We saw 9% increase in traffic.
– 8% of the users are taking more actions.
– Users are spending 15% more time on the blog.
– And there is a significant increase in the number of subscribers. I can’t provide a quantitative result for subscribers numbers.
– 7% increase in the homepage traffic is a clear sign of the experiment.
– By now, we are getting 41% total increase in the direct traffic

Visitors were more engaged in the blog content. As there are some results, where there users were staying for more than 30 minutes on the blog. This is much more than our previous campaigns of social media, blog commenting and video marketing combined.

Here are some other facts:

– Our blog pages are getting indexed more quickly. Previously, it was taking a week to get index. But now, 2 days are maximum. For some posts, our content is getting index within the same day of publication.
– Invesp Writing has improved the blog rank.
– More content is shared on social media platforms. This was an increase of 23%.
– Our writer’s pages are getting 39% increase in the traffic (which means, readers are interested in knowing about them).

In the next month, we analyze the results again without doing any new guest blogging. This time:

– There was only 11% increase in traffic and users
– While 5% decrease in the bounce back rate.
– Our blog is getting 8% more traffic
– Homepage is enjoying a whopping 12% increase.

In the third month, there was modest improvements in the results. Remember during this time, we haven’t changed anything on the website, little bit of blog commenting and only added few posts on the blog. Hence, it is proven that guest posting is responsible for those improved results.

We also measured the interaction score for this experiment. And it got us the same results. Our Klout score increased from 57 to 61. This increase in score was due to the increased writer’s communications and guest posts mentions on the social media platforms. All the results were organic, we haven’t spend even a single dime on artificially increasing Klout score.

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