Prince Harry Dating: Pippa Middleton Rumors Swirl Again… But Are They True?


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Prince Harry Dating: Pippa Middleton Rumors Swirl Again… But Are They True?

Prince Harry

Is Prince Harry dating Pippa Middleton? That's been a going rumor since the royal wedding and it really hasn't stopped. There were some newer reports out this month that claimed that the two were going on "secret" dates, but that rumor has now been debunked.

According to Gossip Cop, Prince Harry and Pippa are not dating.

"The bottom line is this: Prince Harry and Middleton are not having “secret dates” at this bar or anywhere else. Gossip Cop previously corrected OK! for spreading such nonsense in a cover story last December. Of course, it’s hard to take the tabloid seriously when it’s the same outlet that claimed in 2012 Middleton wanted to become a 'Beverly Hills housewife.'"

While it would seem so perfect if Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton got together, sources say that no such thing has happened — at least not on a super romantic level. It is widely believed that Prince William's little brother and Kate Middleton's little sister have been out together, but whether or not they'd consider those outings a date is another question.

Prince Harry, 31, has been linked to quite a few women over the years. Many hope that he will find "the one" and settle down some time soon. However, it doesn't sound like Pippa will be his chosen one.

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