Novel Writing: Creating A Horror Ambiance


Horror stories can be one of the most fascinating stories among the bunch of other genre. Not many are aware that horror stories are a sub genre of fantasy genre. Authors think, imagine and visualize and the story takes birth. But creating a story in mind and penning the same down with same effects are two completely different things. You need to create an ambiance that should make the reader engrossed in your story. They must literally feel scared when there is a horror scene. Prediction of suspense must be very difficult. Suspense is very closely linked with horror stories. Revelation of suspense before time will turn the mood off, which obviously is not good for the book.

Let us see what all creates a horror novel, what all must be kept in mind while writing a horror scene in order to make it more impact.

Words for creating horror- So, there are no special words, other than those in dictionaries, for making a horror scene. Rather it is the ability of writer/author how he chooses to frame a sentence using those old words. For an instance, ‘I woke up to hear my child crying. I turn around and saw him staring towards me with scary eyes. That night we both saw a child crying his heart out sitting beside our bed.’ There are no intricate words or jargon’s used in these lines but they do explain a horror and terrified environment and situation. You just need to know how to portray that emotion along with correct time and way of releasing suspense.

Adjectives are awesome- Though there are no special words but to create suspense and fill the environment with terror and horror, you must certainly make the best use of adjectives. See, you just need to choose the word that explains the situation more accurately. Buildings can be intimidating, forest can be described as menace, and smells can be portrayed as pungent, choking or acrid. These are the adjectives that help in setting an aura and giving accurate image of the place. While reading, reader visualizes the situation subconsciously and right adjective will help reader in creating the mood that you want.

End the story- End of the story must be bang on. Since, it is a horror story, it must leave the readers stunt. Usually, book publishers India or online self book publishers India see if the end of you horror story is apt or not. End is what that stays forever. People can forget the beginning or middle parts but the end always remains there. You may say that end of the story is overrated than the other parts. It’s very disappointing if the end leaves you with disappointment. Pay special attention on winding up your story.

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