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People are always attracted to new things and events. They lead a systematic and monotonous life and to spice up their life, they search for enjoyment, and adventures. A travelling and visiting new place rejuvenate their life and energizes their mind to fight back into life. To keep adventure in their life Mercedes produces new models of cars. They induce new features and functions in new models of their vehicles that help the people to drive their motors smoothly in any kind of terrains. Mercedes has been introduced in automobile market in the year 1926. It is serving the population for 90 (ninety) years. It first stepped in the consumer market with the invention of petrol car by Karl Benz and it was financed by Bertha Benz. After its introduction, they produced and sold about 770 vehicles in the year 1930. Mercedes – Benz has introduced many technologies and safety modes for the drivers which were later adopted by other vehicles. So, it is clear that what Mercedes – Benz induce in motors were adopted by others. They are icons in automobile markets and every brand try to follow its footsteps.

Since May 2010, Daimler with a Chinese company BYD Auto jointly ventures in production of battery – electric car named Denza.  It is a luxury car run on electric. After the treaty with BYD Auto, Mercedes has started the process of making this car called Denza. It was introduced in Chinese market and is sold in some parts of China only. It faced the ramp of automobile market in the year 2012. It is a vehicle that defines the idea of an energy vehicle. In Pingshan, Shenzhen, the assembling plant of Denza, this car was given its present shape and look by the co – workers of this allied companies. Its dealership was given to three franchises: Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The company is planning on introducing this car in the market of Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Tianjin for increasing the sale of Denza. The Chinese government subsidies this joint project of Denza, and the prosperity and production rates also depends on the fund supplied by the Government. But, the authority has assured in the continuation of this project for better transport of people living in China. The amount of subsidy depends reciprocally on the sale rate and consumer market. The higher the sales rate, the more money will be invested in this project. As a renowned brand Mercedes is associated with it, people easily get attracted to the car.

All this joint ventures of Mercedes – Benz clearly shows the effect of its technology and fame in automobile market of the World. To keep the cars present in market active sellers of aftermarket products also introduced new method of shopping through online. They evaluate the price and stocks rare and new spare parts for every model that are present in market of Mercedes – Benz. So, people are suggested to utilize those features and solve all the problems regarding the maintenance of the vehicles.For more details please visit


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