Mark Berry’s AMG Completes Deal With VrTuo Interactive Studios to Create New Advanced Media Distribution to Television, Music & Movie Streaming Platforms


1888PressRelease – The new entity is to be under the umbrella of AMG Corp. lead by award winning multi-platinum record producer, Mark S. Berry

TORONTO – Toronto based AMG Corp. announced today it has completed its joint venture with VrTuo Interactive Studios. The Companies have been contributing to the joint contribution of advanced media assets to form a new smart television media concept to production management company.

The Companies cooperatively formed a new corporate entity for representing the new venture in AMG-VrTuo Interactive, LLC. The new entity is to be under the umbrella of AMG Corp. lead by award winning producer, Mark S. Berry.

“I am excited about the future of the Company as our joint efforts to get this done have paid off. It’s been a process towards the establishment of having all the required parts in place to make a difference in the market, in the way we produce, distribute and earn money from the products we produce or support.” states Berry.

Mark Berry has earned thirty six international Gold and Platinum records as a producer, engineer & mixer and is serving as the Company’s Chairman-CEO. Berry’s team is made up of highly creative, talented executives which include, EVP/COO Duane Farley, Randall James, Fred Taylor and Kyle Miller. The company feels confident it has the right personnel in place that are known figures through each one’s respective prior entertainment business experiences.

The Company has plans to introduce the next level of smart, interactive entertainment in the coming weeks. This is to complement the reasoning for the agreement being made between the two companies.

The programming and advanced host smart media platform the new AMG-VrTuo Interactive will help introduce is geared to attract social hybrid viewers. Viewers who today are more likely to be attracted to a more advanced interactive positive media influence and user experience.

The contributions of the participants intellectual properties, content and infrastructure assets, now provides what the public has been moving towards in the new age viewership. The Company has the resources now in place to become a respected leader in global smart media production and distribution. The focus of AMG-VrTuo Interactive is in the interactive enticement of global consumers through providing them with smart, positive lifestyle programs.

The Company along with its partnering host will be home to a considerable amount of independent programming networks from around the globe. This is along with new original programming being developed exclusive to AMG-VrTuo Interactive.

About AMG:
AMG is a leading Toronto-based entertainment & media company with an unparalleled client list of artists and content creators across film, television, music and digital media. Led by an experienced and innovative management team, AMG was formed in 1998 by international record producer, engineer & mixer Mark S. Berry and operates under his leadership as Chairman. Berry, whose extensive production, engineering & re-mixing talents has earned him 36 international gold & platinum records for such notable Grammy & Juno nominated musical icons as, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Yes, Boy George, Billy Idol, Kool & The Gang, Cameo, Carly Simon, Joan Jett & many, many more. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in NYC, LA, Hong Kong, Seoul & Beijing.

Since its founding, AMG Visuals has executive produced, financed or distributed several movies, including, Drake: Homecoming and the upcoming Jeff Healey Band documentary; and has almost an equal amount in development, under production, or completed but not yet released.

Through its partner companies, including award-winning global creative music supervision agency AttackTrax, AMG also provides clients with unique music advertising, music brand integration and marketing opportunities across traditional, social-media, mobile, film, television and gaming platforms. Already the owner of an extensive music publishing catalogue 50% owned by media conglomerate BMG Music, AMG’s mission is to target potential acquisitions in the music, film & television industries ranging from independent record labels, artists, writers, DVD properties, feature length films, extreme sports content to purchases in the music publishing sector.

AMG is a full service media company providing distribution of content media to millions of viewers around the world. The AMG family of Companies provide AMG clients and consumers with on-demand, Live and recorded media products, providing full scale creative services such as music management, label services, advertising and new age interactive production services.

The AMG Corp:

About VrTuo Interactive:

VrTuo Interactive plays host to multiple independent media network partners. Channel Partners which provide media content meant for smart television interactive audiences. VrTuo Interactive provides full service production services along with expertise in providing live interactive programming experiences for today’s engaging audiences.

AMG-VrTuo Interactive:

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