MangoeSky Offers Fast Internet Solutions to Customers in the Rural Regions of Indonesia


MangoeSky is known for offering fast and effective communication services to residential, corporate and industrial sectors. It also serves UKM, villa and café in suburbs and rural areas. It offers fast internet solutions to customers in the rural regions, backing up the same with technical support and assistance with friendly and polite staffs.

The company has been in operation for a long time, and has years of experience in providing the best services to customers. It has satellite coverage throughout Indonesia, and offers services all through the archipelago. The agency has care center and NOC that works 24/7, and is ready to serve customer complaints and reports round the clock. With dependable and certified technicians throughout the archipelago, the company offers the best technical services to customers. The agency offers the biggest coverage in Indonesia. It also provides internet service with STB Satellite TV and Satellite Broadband, fulfilling the needs of customers who need the best internet facility for online surfing and browsing or for watching Internet-based TV.

Through its website , MangoeSky has various types of packages to satisfy the needs of customers – Kuota, Postpaid and Prepaid. With a reliable infrastructure in telecom, it offers high speed satellite internet connection – that helps people in the rural areas as well. In regions that are not covered by ADSL, Fiber or 3G / 4G networks, the Satellite Internet access solutions offered by MangoeSky stand as the best option. Customers can experience the best connection and services with the brand, and enjoy with post and pre payment. It offers the best connection for voice calls.

With deeper experience and knowledge as an incumbent communication operator, competent human resources, coverage of services throughout the country and proper technical support, the brand is expected to grow more and possibly create higher value in market in order to increase its competitiveness. People who are interested in the services of MangoeSky can visit the website The company has presence on the social media, on popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

About MangoeSky:

MangoeSky is a company in Indonesia that offers satellite-based communication services throughout the country. It is a perfect solution for suburban and rural areas that have not been covered by high speed mobile service, ADSL or Fiber.

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