Make your Resume Standout with the Help of Professional Photographer Rolle


A photograph of a person tells a lot about their personality. The look on someone’s face in a photograph is enough for you to sub-consciously form some sort of opinion about the person. This is why, a good photograph on your professional database is extremely important. For success in today’s age, most professional jobs need credibility. Credibility requires you to be presentable. In an era when most jobs are approached by the means of social media initially, a profile without a professionally taken headshot can seem fishy or in-active. For employers, coming across such profiles will decrease their chances to almost 20% of hiring the particular person.

Another reason why a photo is necessary is because of whatever recognition you have. Anyone who may recognize you by face can easily spot you in a plethora of so many people. Another important factor is personal appeal. Any resume with a person’s face on it makes it all the more appealing. A face is also the best medium for personal branding. When you promote something with your face on it, you’re promoting yourself more than the service, which is more important in the longer run.

Now in order for this to work, you’ll need the best photo of yourself. Photography is an art in itself which, when done perfectly can bring a picture to life. When you’re looking for a headshot to put on your resume, visa, passport or any other database which requires you to look professional, you also need a professional photographer Rolle (photographe Rolle) to capture the best version of yours. Your go to guy for all your professional portrait needs are fulfilled by Mickel Naumann, a photographer originally from the Netherlands.

Mickel is a specialist CV photographer (photographe CV) with a large customer base from Geneva to Zurich. His Buzzmedia Photo-Studio provides photography services of various kinds like corporate parties, events, weddings and family photo sessions. He has a wide area of service including Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Spain, France, Finland, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Britain, United States of America and Netherlands.

About Buzzmedia Photo-Studio:

Buzzmedia Photo-Studio is a famous business facility of renowned professional photographer Mickel Naumann. Mickel is a specialist CV, visa and passport photographer (photographe passeport). For more information, visit

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