Lyocell Fiber Market Share, Distributor Analysis 2021


Global Lyocell Fiber Market is segmented on the basis of Application as Apparels, Home Textiles, and Others. Others may include Surgical Products and Baby Diapers. A kind of rayon that is usually obtained from cellulose is called a Lyocell. It is also popularly known as a man-made fiber. Absorbency and softness are some of the significant properties possessed by the Lyocell fibers. They are generally said to be biodegradable in nature.

Lyocell fibers are basically those semi-synthetic cellulose fibers that are manufactured with the assistance of a closed loop technique via a solvent spinning technique, in which cellulose is subjected to a huge number of chemical changes. The chemical changes that generally occur include diminution of wood chips to wood pulp with strong alkali, dissolution of cellulose, setting and alignment of cellulose fibers, washing of fibers, carding of fibers, and recovery of the solvent. The solvent spinning technique here is being referred to the dissolution of cellulose in solvents.

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Lyocell fibers are extensively employed in the textile industry for the production of apparels, home textiles and baby diapers. Moreover, their application has also been seen in the manufacturing of medical equipment and surgical products. The prominent factors that are playing a key role in developing the market include robust development of textile market, increase in the awareness level regarding the eco-friendly products, rise in the disposable income and augmented demand for highly advanced healthcare products.

It has been observed that novel and modern product developments have been constantly taking place in the healthcare industry concerning the sterilized products. Plus the trend of employment of biodegradable fibers is also growing that is, in turn, paving way for many new growth opportunities for the Lyocell fiber market. The only factor that is acting as a major hurdle in the growth of the market includes availability of cheaper alternatives like polyester.

It has been anticipated that Lyocell Fiber Market is likely to witness the highest CAGR in the next couple of years due to its augmenting applications and scope across various sectors.

Lyocell Fiber Market is segmented on the basis of Geography as Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa.

As far as the geographical location is concerned, Asia Pacific is currently considered as the leader of the market, the reasons being development of textile market and eco-friendly fibers in the particular region. It is likely that the region will continue growing with the same pace in the near future in the lyocell fiber market.

The major companies operating in the Lyocell Fiber Market include Qingdao Textiles Group Fiber Technology Co., Weiqiao Textile Company Limited, Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation, Lenzing AG, The Aditya Birla Group, City Victor Corporation, Smartfiber AG, and Chon Bang Company Limited.

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