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The mellifluous melody and profound lyrics of some songs just don’t stop lingering in your mind, don’t they? You somehow feel one with the lyrical composition and groove with its melodious tune. Your inner musician wakes up, you pick up a pen and a page is filled with your lyrical emotions. Suddenly, the far reaching standards of music industry and the intensity lacking songwriting give your dreams of becoming a global name in music world, a cessation. You might have the raw talent but it needs to be honed and displayed on a global platform.

Loren Israel is a name behind those names whose music has compelled the world to go gaga over them. He has been a household name in songwriting, record producing and A & R consultation industry in US for more than 15 years. Loren Israel unparalleled and effective music lessons have not only blessed the industry with some super talented singers like Coldplay and Neon Trees but an easy gateway for aspiring songwriters to carve their niche in the industry.

If you have a knack for lyrical writing, you must enroll yourself with his courses. And if you discover later on that it’s not meant for you, you can get your fees refunded too! Loren Israel main motive is to collaborate with those gifted writers who lack funds and a platform to showcase their talent. The songwriting course stretches till 6 months wherein you’ll be taught basic fundamentals of hit song writing. The lessons that you sign for with Loren Israel wouldn’t stop at just impactful songwriting but you will get a chance to convert your songs into digital composition as well.

In no time, your name will be ready to be flashed on the top position of Billboard charts. With Loren Israel’s strong contacts within the music industry, your talent can easily be spotted by the big names of Hollywood. Well, there is no stopping there too! You will see yourself on the stage, performing live shows and hear the crowd shouting ‘encore!’ Doesn’t this sound magical? Can’t you already feel the commotion created by your fans fighting for your autographs? Its time you take your first productive step towards your dream. This man can be a real life changer. Make Loren Israel your mentor and just wait for what the industry has to offer you!

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