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Everyday new musicians, songwriters and singers spur up in the industry. Some of them do make it big but most of the others are lost into oblivion. The reason is simple enough. While all artists present their songs, there can and always be only a handful that can actually touch the audiences’ heart; and that will be the one who will be a great hit in the industry. Hence, the gravity of writing a soulful and truly exceptional song cannot be ignored.

There are many reasons to recommend a professional who has a keen understanding about the distinct genres of music, composition and writing a song worth its weight in gold. Loren Israel is one such person who is proficient in the craft. In addition to teaching songwriting, he also produces records and is an A&R consultant as well. If you truly love music and wish to thrive in the music industry, Loren Israel could prove to be the man for you.

In this competitive world of music, Loren Israel teaches his students so uniquely that makes them stand out with anomalous and impressive songwriting skills. He helps youngsters to thrive in the music sector in the best possible way. He has well experience and knowledge in performing and teaching music. His set standard of expertise assists and encourages the aspiring musicians under his aegis, to reach their dream goal.

Loren Israel is a creative teacher that supports new music learners in all aspects beginning from utilizing resources, techniques and strategies to enjoying their music. His 6 months course for songwriting allows his mentees to develop from novice songwriters to pros in the field. The course not only increases enthusiasm for music in the students but also hone the hidden talents and abilities in them. Being familiar with the different phases a song goes through, Loren can aid you in gaining ample of knowledge to make your song a big hit. He feels proud in empowering the music lovers to start their career by producing rocking songs.

Loren Israel is associated with several renowned bands including plain White T’s, Sugarcult, Neon Trees, 2AM Club etc. and has assisted many profile artists to get their holding on the stage with more amazing and enchanting song ever

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