Are you looking for home décor art prints in Singapore? Read on


Are you looking for home décor art prints in Singapore? It is important to contact an online art gallery to purchase authentic and genuine home décor art paintings. Apart from the quality, you can browse an exclusive collection of the paintings. These paintings are curated and hand-picked from leading and upcoming artists. These paintings are different from normal paintings because they look and “feel” real. They are designed with passion and love for art. Your guests and family members will get impressed.

Important facts

HD Quality

Similar to a high definition picture, these pictures are hand-crafted and painted with vibrant and high-quality colors to demonstrate an HD type feeling.

One for each room

Artists create jaw-dropping and custom paintings on the basis of room type. So, an artist will create different art paintings for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and nursery.

Unique ideas for home paintings


You can shop for flower paintings with vibrant color and artwork matching your walls.


You can buy paintings with the drawing of leaves in your bedroom or living room.


You can sip a hot cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the picture with images of tea cups.

Customized family portrait drawing

The best way to relieve memories is to view a hand-made portrait of your family in the drawing room.

Wonders of the world

You can buy art online (custom paintings) with portrait featuring Seven Wonders of the World. Imagine, you ordered a custom portrait with Eiffel Towers as the background! It will make you feel good.

Natural Landscape

Portrait of natural landscapes is beneficial to reduce stress and increase happiness.


Many people want to place a picture of their favorite celebrities for inspiration. You can add special instructions for the artist to draw a portrait, which has an imaginary picture of you shaking hands with your favorite celebrity.


Pet lovers will love to order custom home décor paintings with images of various animals.

Where to shop

You can search and buy the exquisite collection of home décor products on a reputed Singapore art gallery online.

You can easily search for your favorite products by keywords. You can change the currency type to EUR or GBP to shop as per your convenience. You can add multiple products to the shopping cart and make a secure checkout. An online art gallery will also provide free World-wide delivery.

If you have any questions related to a home décor painting, you can easily find Singapore artists and ask questions. The artist will help you to resolve your query. You can make smart decisions based on their response and order your favorite painting online.

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