Lift Chair Market Share, Growth, Outlook From 2016-2021


The Global Lift Chair Market is segmented on the basis of types, model, application, end users and region. Functionally, a lift chair is anadjustable seat that is machine powered. One can switch from the sitting to rest position (or other positions) with a remote control. It also has an up position where the chair supports up and forward to push the sitter into the standing position. This is where the lift chair originates its name, for it lifts the sitter up.Lift chairs are proposed for individuals who find it difficult to stand up from a chair such as those with severe arthritis in the knees or hips.

Every lift chair includes a remote. The remotes are all different but, basically, it lets the sitter choose the position as one wants. There is usually a magazine rack at the left and right of the chair to store magazines. Some remote have a light on them which can be helpful or annoying.

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On the basis of types, the lift chair market is classified into two position lift chairs, three position lift chairs, and infinite position lift chairs.Two position lift chairs can go into the up position, sitting position, and 15-degreerest position. These chairs are very rare. They have limited mobility and cost about the same as a 3 position lift chair. Its best to skip two position lift chairs.

Three position lift chairs go into the sitting position, 15 degree recline position, 45 degree recline position, and up position. The ottoman (footrest) cannot be functionedself-reliantly from the back and the chair can go only into its 3 pre-programmed positions. The price for a 3 position lift chair is generally lower than an infinite position lift chair. 3 position lift chairs usually require less room from the nearest wall than an infinite position lift chair.

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Infinite position lift chairs can go from the sitting position to a full recline, where the chair lays flat. The footrest and back can be operated independently. Some models can go into the Trendelenburg position and zero-gravity position. The Trendelenburg position is where the feet are above the head. The zero-gravity position is where the head and feet are level but the hips are below the hip and feet.

The zero-gravity position was invented by NASA to reduce stress during takeoff. It helps with individuals who are having joint problems on earth too. Infinite position lift chairs are good for individuals who want to lie down while watching TV or use their lift chair as beds. It is also the most versatile of the three types.

On the basis of model, the lift chair market is classified into Heat and massage, lift table, leather, and slip covers.Heat and massage – some chairs allow elective heat and massage. Lift table – these are tables designed to work with a lift chair. They are on wheels or a hinge so that one can move them out of the way when one wishes to stand. Leather – leather provides a lot of durability and looks great. Slip covers – like all loungers, lift chairs can be fitted with slip covers to protect the fabric.

On the basis of application, the lift chair market is classified into elderly, injured, and disabled.On the basis of end users, the lift chair market is classified into Healthcare, Commercial, and others.Geographically, the global market is segmented into North America, China, Europe, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia.

The key players are Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, La-Z-Boy, Franklin Corporation, Med-Lift, Seminar Components, Jackson Furniture, Best Chairs, Palliser, Ashley Furniture, Dromedar, Mega Motion, Home Meridian, Avafurn, and Meifeilai.

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