Lapasa is a customer-oriented Athletic Brand with a focus on comfort, premiere quality, high-tech apparel and customer satisfaction. Available right now in USA Spain Japan UK logoGermany Italy and France, the brand is using advanced technology and material to produce the best possible products. While you can trace our beginnings to Canada, the global community is where you’ll find this brand’ soul. “Every Lapasa garment we design – said the owner of the brand- finds inspiration in our own practice, what we need and want seeking incremental perfection and to spread outwards from home to benefit the whole world.We provide the most wearable basics – simplicity is always in style”. The motto of Lapasa is  “Less is More”. Their products are underwear, sports gear and casual clothes and can be found on Amazon Uk and in all Amazon all over the world.

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One of their best selling products are “Lapasa Women’s sport leggings”.88% static-less and shiny free polyester, 12% spandex, the fabric is no pilling and shrink resistant and don’t accumulate fuzz and hair. Perfect for yoga, fitness, crossfit and any type of workout, or everyday use.

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