This is How the Investigator Can Help Companies Not Hire Frauds


The world of law enforcement is filled with hardworking individuals who pledge to protect justice and bring down wrath on who ever offends or distracts the path of law. However, the world of crime is exact opposite and is growing stronger in terms of techniques, technologies, intent and even moral code. Nowadays, because of how comfort has led to leniency in management of assets, crime has become easier to execute. Technology is now what protects all the high profile organizations from the theft of their money and data.

Information is more significant than ever. If an insider somehow grants access to a company’s secrets, he can turn things upside down for them. Clever thieves are also on a rise and they spend years of time, learning to break in to such technology that supposedly protects important aspects of an individual or a company. Such white collar crimes leave companies in bad shape. Problems like these are why law enforcers need auxiliary help and help comes in the face of private investigation agencies

Such private investigation agencies are the preventative measures every big organization needs for protecting themselves from such inconveniences. For instance, while hiring a new individual at an important managerial position, the information on the resume is highly decorated and tells nothing about the potential employee as a person.

Also, corrupt individuals getting away with a fraudulent resume and practiced interviewing skills can lead the company to make wrong decisions of hiring. Granting one individual that kind of power can turn out badly for the company if he was ever to go rogue. In this case, the investigator (el investigador) can determine easily with his professional skills, the behavior patterns, history of drug or alcohol abuse, and performance at previous job etc. to make sure if the person is suited for the job or not.

Another employee related problem that companies face is the worker’s compensation. A good company will always provide wage replacement and medical benefits for injured or diseased employees against their mandatory right to sue the company. Sometimes, a cunning employee can claim more benefits than they deserve or are entitled to. This is where the investigation service will come into play with their workers compensation investigation in which they investigate thoroughly the case of the employee to avoid payment of more than necessary benefits by the insurer or the employer.

Ashenoff and Associates is an investigation and security service provider that offers a wide range of services against all kinds of thefts and crimes.

About Ashenoff and Associates:

Ashenoff and Associates is an investigative and security consulting firm, serving the state of Florida. They provide unique services like executive protection (proteccion a ejecutivos), corporate investigations, litigation support and satellite imagery etc. For more information, visit

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