Hire a Virtual Assistant to Save Employee Costs and Get Work Done On Time


The high value of having an office assistant is well known to all serious organizations. Office assistance can refer to a variety of jobs, including administrative and secretary work, clerk or executive support. The key tasks that any assistant can perform are scheduling appointments and meetings, posting outgoing e-mails, maintaining records, distributing and sorting incoming e-mails, arranging travel, etc. However, many business owners have noticed that with constantly increasing workload, it gets difficult to follow all the deadlines, have well-updated accounting and CRM databases, respond to all the customer’s inquiries, etc. And the main reason for this is a lack of time and resources.

Also, finding a professional assistant that can provide high-quality work can be quite challenging and expensive for rather new companies. Bearing the costs of hiring full-time employees is difficult for newer companies. Thankfully, assistance required for businesses can now be provided via various online platforms. Such services are called virtual help and are available for businesses who wish to outsource virtual assistant.

One such company, Baltic Assist has been on a mission to provide the best virtual assistant services in the eyes of both their customers and employee regarding the quality and expenses. For companies to hire a virtual assistant through Baltic Assist, they need to follow 4 steps: ·

Sign Up: When you first contact the team of Baltic Assist, you’ll be greeted by a professional who will draw clear lines between what you think, you need and what you genuinely need and are unaware of. They will get to know your business and advise you on whether you need to hire a virtual assistant or a marketing specialist for a particular project.

Assigning Assistant: After carefully figuring out what you need, the company then selects a virtual assistant best suited for your needs. You can meet this individual or communicate via phone calls or Skype video conference. They also have a special team of assistants that provide 24/7 support, if that is what you may require.

Send Tasks: Using email, you can pass on projects and tasks to your assistant and receive work on Google Drive or Dropbox where they have huge size limits for files making it easier to share sensitive data. Timeline and communication protocols are mutually agreed upon using preferred project management system like Trello or Asana.

Task Completion: It is when you receive all your work on time that you realize how much do Baltic assistants have contributed to the promotion and well doing of your company.

About Baltic Assist

Baltic Assist is a company located in the Baltic States that provide the best virtual assistant services for businesses that wish to acquire such services remotely to save employee costs. For more information, visit Balticassist.com.

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