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News aggregators are pretty predictable with their endless loop of crime, politics, business, education, mainstream sports, and celebrity culture news. But what if you are looking for new about something different? What if you are looking for news that reflects the activities and sports you are interested in? Even though skateboarding, surfing, BMX, snowboarding, Motocross and other action sports are growing in popularity there is no one-stop-shop to find all the latest news on these sports.

Just one of the many categories covered on Frontsider is Skateboarding.Considered both an action sport and culture, it is popular worldwide among all age groups but yet it is difficult to find the latest skateboarding news online. Even with the internet and a proliferation of websites that cover niche aspects of skateboarding, there is no one place to get regularand daily skateboarding news. Similarly, it’s winter counterpart snowboarding, is also often times overlooked by mainstream news and fans need to visit several different sites to get all their snowboarding news online.

Surfing is another popular action sport, and while there are numerous surfing news websites, those who follow this adventure sportneed to actively visit multiple websites and social media accounts to capture the latest surfing news.

Stay updated and aware about the latest extremesports news through Frontsider, the first online news aggregator of its kind.

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