Freeze Drying Equipment Market Technological Advancements & Competitive Insights to 2020


Freeze drying is a desiccation process typically used to preserve a perishable material. It is also known as lyophilization or cryodesiccation. The method comprises of removing all the moisture content from a material by drying and freezing it. This prevents the growth of the fungi & bacteria and preserves the products for longer storage duration in a moisture free conditions. The equipment for the process includes vacuum pumps, cryogenic liquid storage, freezing & vacuum chamber, tubing & nozzles and various sensors which help in the implementation of the process. Modern technologies are being used in the cryodesiccation process, replacing the traditional ones owing to the effectiveness and efficiency.

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Dry freezing not only helps in the elimination of moisture but also retain the chemical properties, enhance usability in varying conditions and keep the aroma of the product. Demand for preserving beverages and food with a better quality and longer shelf life has been growing to fulfill the need of customers. The medical and pharmaceutical industry is experiencing rising demand for latest improved products to efficiently & effectively cater to the needs of the consumer.

Medical & pharmaceuticals and food processing sector are anticipated to fuel the market growth of dry freezing equipment. Moreover, eco-friendly taxidermy and interments coupled with a constant rise in the leather and flower preservation for a longer time are projected to drive the market demand for lyophilization equipment. The development and growth of these segments are anticipated to be simultaneous.

The primary application of the dry-freeze is in the packaging, biotechnology, surgical procedures, and pharmaceuticals. Presently available industrial dry freezing equipment is massive in size and complex in nature, making their flexibility and movability a challenge. High maintenance and setup cost of these equipment can hamper the market growth of the freeze-drying market.

Product Insights

The global market for dry freezing equipment is divided into five categories namely general purpose, industrial freeze-dryers, bench top freeze-dryers, mobile dry freezers and laboratory freeze-dryers. Laboratory equipment is one of the leading product lines which is used for development purpose in medical industries. Bench top equipment is used in laboratories for biological studies by researchers and students. Industrial dry freezing equipment is widely used for preservation of beverages and food products. Portable dry freezing equipment is also anticipated to witness market growth due to the transportability and their multi-functionality. Generally, freeze-dryer are used for moisture elimination of food, leather, flowers etc.

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Application Insights

On the basis of Application pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, surgical procedures, and food processing are the four segments for lyophilization equipment. Other niche applications include leather conservation and flower preservation.

The demand of the freeze-drying equipment is rising in the food processing segment with increasing adoption of preserved food. Furthermore, with the advancements in technology, other sectors of applications are also anticipated to grow with the rising demand of a variety of flowers and its transport & import/export business growth.

Regional Insights

In the segments such as food processing and pharmaceuticals, North America is one of the dominating application markets for freeze-drying equipment. Asia Pacific is anticipated to grow due to its emerging pharmaceutical market and expanding food packaging market. Europe retains a persistent growth in the dry freezing equipment market with the usage in various sectors.

Competitive Insights

The key players in the global dry freezing equipment market are Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., GEA Niro, Telstar S.A., I.M.A., Labconco Corp., MechaTech Systems Ltd. Cuddon Engineering Ltd., Operon, Freezedry Specialities Inc., Shanghai Tofflon Science & Technology Co. Ltd., SP Scientific and Millrock Technology Inc.

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