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Most investors try looking in the wrong place to find investment property for sale. Take a glance on the internet for investment properties and you may think that it’s not possible to discover a good property for sale that’s not over priced. The main element if you are looking for investment real estate on the market is to understand that the best bargains aren’t usually advertised. If you’ve read my latest publication, “Commercial PROPERTY Investing” then you probably already knows that the key to finding discounted prices on real estate investments is in creating associations with real estate agents.

“Pocket Entries” of Investment Property for Sale

A number of the very best deals on investment real house come from something known as a “Pocket Listing”. That is when a broker is aware of a property for sale, but they have not yet officially declared it to the rest of the potential buyers who are buying property. With one family home, this announcement is usually done with the addition of the house to the MLS or Multiple Listing Service. Using a commercial property, the general public announcement can be adding the property to, mailing a postcard out, or by adding the house to the company’s website.

Why All Investment Property For Sale Is NOT Equal

The real estate broker’s job is to get as much as possible for the investment property with respect to the owner’s situation. If who owns a property is no hurry, and does not have any compelling reason to sell quickly, then your broker can price the house aggressively and await a retail offer to come in. On the other hand, if owner is motivated by the divorce or business partnership that is coming undone or owner is dealing with an urgent medical condition perhaps, then your broker’s job is to get the investment property on the market quickly, even if it means lowering the purchase price or offering some creative financing terms.

So ideally, you are going to work to create a situation where in fact the property must be sold quickly, owner is motivated, however the broker hasn’t yet released the list to the public. This is the pocket listing situation that you will be looking for. 60 that you can’t simply call up a broker you don’t know and have them “Have you got any pocket entries for me?” The solution is likely to be no.

The good reason for this is that when a broker has a pocket list, in most cases the broker is going to call the investors that they know and trust to offer them the possibility to get a good deal on an investment property before they release the property on the market to the general public.

Which means that your goal when looking or calling for commercial property on the market should be twofold?

1) Get the information about the house including all the income and expenses

2) Build a connection with and get to know the true estate broker

Your best deals will most likely not be the advertised commercial properties that you at first call about. Instead, once you generate a rapport and reference to the broker, you’re able to access pocket entries which is where a few of the most effective investment property for sales in London are available.

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Jay Parker, of is the co-author of “Commercial Real Estate Trading”. Peter helps traders get started investing property in Sheffield commercial real house by showing them how to acquire cash producing commercial properties without needing your own cash or credit.

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