DNC Backed Organization Tech For Campaigns Promotes Fake News Tactics Among Its Volunteers


Recently 3 silicon valley tech founders started an organization called Tech For Campaigns – geared towards helping democratic campaigns bring their tech teams “up to date”. Touting a wide range of “scary” statistics about how the GOP is light years ahead in the digital realm, leading up to their conspiracy theories of how the GOP is scamming elections at the state level, they have been able to recruit 3,000 digital media volunteers nationwide.

Recently an insider working with one of the organization’s campaigns in Virginia spoke out about some of the questionable tactics being promoted internally by the organization. “I was asked to create completely fake stories attacking the opponent then promote them across various social media profiles not related to the campaign” says a campaign volunteer, who was brought into the mix by Tech for Campaigns.

“They told me that this is war, and that we must do whatever we can to undermine the GOP and the President at every turn, even at the state level” says the volunteer. When asked why didn’t you speak out about this, the volunteer replied “I have a great job with a big tech firm, I volunteered for this because I believe in the democratic agenda, but the people telling me to do these things are well known in the tech community, I’m afraid I might be risking my career by speaking out”. The volunteer also went on to say “what they are doing is wrong, they are attempting to brainwash people with lies not even resembling the truth, had I known it would be this way I never would have volunteered to help out.”

Other reports from inside the campaign include (unconfirmed) attempts at hacking GOP opponents supporter database.

This shocking revelation comes just weeks after Tech For Campaigns has received major media attention from TechCrunch and other major publications. The founders were contacted for comment and did not respond.

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