Dazenelevator utilitarian functions and connect two areas


Originally, the panoramic elevators were installed only on the outside as solutions to connect different streets of urban areas difficult terrain. Examples are many, but perhaps the most Passenger Elevator is the well-known and Lisbon Santa Justa Lift, which operates in the Chiado neighborhood since the early twentieth century. This elevator, but today is a tourist attraction itself, originally installed to comply strictly utilitarian functions and connect two areas of the rugged Lisbon.
In other cities such as Salvador or Bilbao, which originally elevators were installed to connect neighborhoods and today are true tourist icons work well. This is the case of the Bahian Lacerda Elevator or Lift Bego?a Bilbao. Today, rare is the great city that does not count in its urban fabric with some of these unique means of transport from which unique views of the cities that host them, whether from the platforms of each level are discovered or through windows installed in the elevator shaft. Throughout the twentieth century and so far this XXI, the success of these first panoramic elevators, designed originally for utilitarian purposes, encouraged many governments, companies or individuals to ennoble buildings or monuments owned by installing them lifts on use the experience became a value in itself.

Attached to the facade of unique buildings, in courtyards of buildings, including in shopping centers or located, as well and as always, in urban areas that need them or incorporated into monumental; the panoramic elevators living in recent decades their particular golden age. And that particular golden age we all get benefits. Even users walk.
AstarLifts, with its extensive experience in the sector, is a guarantee when undertaking a project of this type. In designing a panoramic lift often involved famous architects and designers who design unique and specific projects for each development that only firms with expertise, ability and distinction can develop. Often, it is essential to design unique cabins and develop solutions not seen before. But the standardization of materials, the sophistication of architecture and innovation capacity they have shown their career in recent decades has allowed the panoramic lift conquer spaces that until now you were closed.

Today, panoramic elevators are accessible to many more customers because its price has dropped. And as demand for this type of equipment grows, prices fall further. Technical capacity and affordability thus go hand in hand, but no mistake should be: a panoramic elevator is, above all, an investment. And it is because it is installed in a hotel, a restaurant or a shop, will attract individuals who will become customers. If located in an urban area or a monumental can also maximize the appeal of that space also make it more accessible. The panoramic elevator can, in fact, to become a source of supplementary income: anyone is willing to pay one or two euros to enjoy the unique experience that seeks to use an elevator of this type.
Thus, the use of such lifts from a commercial point of view is very cost-effective solution that allows you to increase the company’s profits by raising the level of sales, as well as Elevator China improved their status in the eyes customers and other visitors.

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