Crucial Areas of Discussion with Your Printing Company


Once you have found the ideal business card printing company, only half the battle has been won. You still need to get an outcome that you will ultimately be happy with. The outcome isn’t completely out of your control as long as you know the critical areas to discuss with the printing company before the job starts. If you feel that the answers are unsatisfactory, you might want to change printers at this point or you risk getting a poor result. Either way, below are a few critical areas of discussion you should consider before work begins.

Printing Process

The printing process entirely depends on the kind of job you want done. Digital printing is good for urgent, custom or short jobs. Litho printing on the other hand might be better suited for long runs, texture heavy paper, solid colours on large areas and non-standard printing. Find out which process your company intends to use and why.

Type of Paper

The flyer printing company should be happy to help you through the process of choosing the right paper. Be sure to mention any special considerations such as environmentally friendly paper. Remember that different paper has different results. Ideally, the weight and style of the paper should match the result you envision for your campaign.

Quality of the Images

Many business owners blame the printing company for a shoddy job when it is they who refused to follow the company’s directions. Ask the image quality that would bring out the best result. The image quality is not a place you want to cut corners or save money. Consider using high-quality stock photos or hiring a professional photographer. Most of all, consult the printing company on the types of images they like to see in your specific kind of work.

Unusual Formats and Folds

Again, you can avoid a lot of disappointment and wastage by expressing any special printing needs you might have before the work start. If you want folding for example, you might have to adjust the artwork to fit with the printer’s expectations and capabilities. Share your design ideas, vision and expectations before hand so the printers can let you know if they will effectively handle your project. While at it, discuss how much bleed is required. Bleed is simply design elements that go over the printed page and may be excluded during trimming.

These are just some of the areas to discuss with your stationery packs printing company. The main idea is to have open and effective communication with the printers. Letting your expectations known beforehand can save a lot of problems in the course of the printing job.

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