Copper Powder Market Share, Market Size, Market Trends and Analysis 2021


Copper powder Market size on the basis of geographical region spans North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. Copper Powder is basically a fine powder having a rusty orange color to it. It can be easily obtained from craft and ceramic stores. It is extensively employed in the electric and electronics sector. The most striking feature that makes it acceptable worldwide is its outstanding electrical and thermal conductivities. Alloyed with tin, zinc, nickel and many other elements, copper in powder form is usually employed in structural parts and friction materials. Since many years, copper powders are being utilized in various industrial applications.

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The initial and the foremost application was the self-lubricating bearing which is still registering approximately 70% of the granular copper powder. This application can take the benefit of its capability to make a component with controlled interconnected and surface-connected porosity. The manufacturing of metallic filters also makes use of this ability. It has been observed that the demand for copper metal which is being manufactured from refined copper and recycled scrap is estimated to grow at a considerable rate.

The key factor that is raising the copper powder market size across the globe is the rising gains in building construction expenditures which is ultimately contributing in boosting up the level of employment of copper wire, tube, and various other mill products in a wide range of applications including building wire, plumbing, as well as architecture.

The developing countries have started raising their investments in infrastructure, which is further likely to help the copper suppliers, in fuelling the production of wire and cable. On top of it, the recent developments and advancements in global manufacturing output are anticipated to augment the utilization of copper metal in industrial machinery, domestic appliances, as well as in various other durable goods. However, the only factor that is acting as a hurdle in the copper powder market size includes the cutthroat competition from competitive materials, like plastic pipe in plumbing applications.

As far as the geographical region is concerned, Asia Pacific region is currently leading the copper powder market size and is also simultaneously accounting for the largest share, the reason being raised production in countries like China and India.

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In these countries, the fundamental technique of production will be electrolytic refining only even if recycled scrap takes over the largest share of refined copper production. Other than that, it is estimated that downstream copper mills are also likely to utilize the recycled scrap as the global recovery techniques keep on improving. The Africa/Mideast region will most probably witness the fastest gains in refined copper output, especially in countries like Congo, where domestic mine production is on a huge upsurge.

North America will also experience an upsurge in copper mine production, because of the prominent growth taking place in Mexico and Canada. Major companies operating in the copper powder market size include Kun Shan Detai Metal, Nanjing Emperor Nano Material, Hefei Quantum Quelle, Ningbo Guangbo, MITSUI KINZOKU, JOINM, CONSULTANT METAL, GGP Metalpowder, Industrial Powder, AG PRO, Shenzhen Nonfemet, Suzhou Canfuo Nanotechnology, Shanghai CNPC Powder Material, MHC INDUSTRIAL, Tongling Guochuan, Shenzhen Tianmai, Suzhou PrandyMaterials, Haotian nano, Shanghai Naiou, Sumitomo Metal Mining, Nippon Atomized Metal Powders, and DOWA.

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