Common Shoe Problems That a Good Cobbler Can Fix


In todays consumer-driven market where new is considered better, shoe repairs is almost a lost art. A good cobbler can guarantee that you don’t have to buy a new pair of shoes unless you absolutely have to. If you aren’t sure whether your shoes can be repaired, there are a few things that a shoe repair near Poole service can do for you.

Tight Heel

You may have accidentally bought a pair of shoes that is too tight. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you have to discard them. A good cobbler should be able to stretch the shoes to the right size with a simple stretching machine. What’s more, he can simply stretch the offending area or spot, leaving the rest of the shoe intact.

Smelly Shoes

It is normal for shoes to get smelly with age even if you practice good foot hygiene. First confirm that you do not have a foot infection or other such problem. This confirmation is easy to do if your feet tend to smell only when you are wearing a particular pair of shoes. Either way, a good Poole shoe repairs service can simply clean and recondition the shoes to get rid of the problem permanently.

Straps Don’t Fit

Sometimes the straps on your sandals or other shoes are either too short or too long. A good cobbler can adjust the length of the straps in no time to the desired length. Note that the shoes may not fit the same way they did before the straps were adjusted. This is a minor issue that will naturally go away as you ‘break in’ the shoes once more.

Slippery Sole

If you have a pair of shoes that you can’t seem to plant your feet comfortably, you probably have slippery soles. These shoes are especially difficult to run in or walking on marble and other smooth surfaces. A cobbler can simply install a new rubber sole and the problem goes away for good. This repair also works for high heels especially during winter or walking on icy ground.

Shoes That Aren’t Weatherproof

Finally, if you dread the rain or snow because of the havoc the water causes on your shoes, a shoe repair service can put your mind at rest. Weatherproofing boots and shoes is a relatively simple and straight forward process that instantly turns your shoes into all-weather equipment.

These are just some of the common shoe problems that can be fixed by a competent cobbler. Ask about additional services such as half price curtain cleaning to get all your errands done at the same time.




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