Commercial Gas Stove Market Specifications, Classification, and Application Forecast by 2021


Global commercial gas stove market is segmented into Product, Application and Geographical regions. Commercial Gas Stove is the most significant equipment in any commercial kitchen set up. It is in great command in most of the hotels, restaurants, outlets. There is an extensive range of commercial gas stoves. Also, they are all kind burners like single range burner, two range burners& three range burners for the industrial purpose as per customers’ requirement. The Double gas stove is a double commercial gas stove used for cooking purposes in homes, restaurants, hotels, etc. Such double commercial gas stoves are designed in such a manner that these are easy to use and highly efficient in fuel consumption.

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The double commercial gas stoves are provided with two different size flame stoves together in one stove; which makes it more purposeful and highly admirable. Consumers look for the double commercial gas stoves at a very reasonable price range. The single gas stove is a commercial gas stove available at industry leading prices. These products are extensively used by caterers in marriages and parties and restaurants for bulk preparation of food and beverages and hence, commercial kitchen gas stoves are also available in different models.

Commercial Gas Stove Market is segmented by product type into LPG stove and coal gas stove. LPG gas stove market segment is expected to increase due to the high amount of use of LPG gas on a commercial scale and in house-holds. Owing to these factors, the commercial gas stove market is expected to rise in the forecast period.

Coal gas is a flammable gaseous fuel made from coal and supplied to the user via a piped distribution system. Town gas is a more general term referring to manufactured gaseous fuels produced for sale to consumers and municipalities. Coal gas contains a diversity of calorific gases including hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane and volatile hydrocarbons together with small quantities of non-calorific gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

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Commercial Gas Stove Market is segmented by application as home use and commercial use. The global market geographically spans North America, Europe, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, India. The Key Players in the commercial gas stove market include Bakers Pride, BlueStar, Cooking Performance Group, Electrolux, FOTILE, Frigidaire, Garland, GE, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Midea, Robam, SACON, SAKURA, Samsung, Siemens, Southbend, Thermador, Vatti, Vulcan, Whirlpool, Wolf.

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