Commercial Deep Fryer Market Share, Market Size, Market Trends and Analysis 2021


Global Commercial Deep Fryer Market size on the basis of fuel type spans Electric Deep Fryer, Gas Fryer, and Pressure Fryer. A commercial deep fryer is basically a cooking machine deployed for deep frying various food items. It is extensively utilized in commercial kitchens and restaurants but now they have also become common in households. In that appliance, the main role is played by the heating element which is employed to superheat the oil at a temperature of roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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And when the food product is totally immersed into the oil, the moisture that is there inside is steamed out because it is known that the oil and water do not get merged with each other. This commercial deep fryer is essentially a component of commercial cooking and warming equipment. Lately, some commercial fryers have been introduced with infrared as well as convection heating that are said to be quite efficient in use, but they are known to be costly. Electric and gas come under the most common fryer models.

Among all, the electric fryers are considered more energy efficient because they function with the help of a heating element to warm and heat up the oil thus raising its effectiveness level. And that is why they are chosen more than the gas deep fryers.

As far as the gas fryers are concerned, they heat up the container first and then the oil, that ultimately leads to excessive utilization of energy. Lastly, the types of pressure fryers are largely being utilized to fry the chicken under high pressure. The most striking aspect attached in using these types of fryers is that the food is not very oily because they avoid the oil from entering inside the food.

It has been observed that the quick service restaurants and eateries are flourishing tremendously across the globe as fast and efficient ready foods are being supplied to the consumers. They have attained a huge recognition across the world because they provide reliable and consistent quality food at reasonable prices keeping in mind the budget of the customers. Gradually, the demand for QSRs, retail outlets, supermarkets, and departmental stores is rising at a rapid speed, the reason being increase in the level of purchasing power capacity among people.

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Therefore, the development of retail marketing in the developing nations is proving to be a prominent factor for the commercial deep fryer market growth. The only factor that is turning to be a major hurdle in the growth of the commercial deep fryer market include rise in the level of consciousness among the masses. It is estimated that the commercial deep fryer industry will rise at a stable pace till the next couple of years and it is likely to further experience a turn down, the reason being rising health consciousness among the masses.

Commercial deep fryer Market size on the basis of types of fryer spans Tube Style, Open Pot, and Flat Bottom. Market size on the basis of end-user type spans Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Full Service Restaurants/Main Line Dining, Retail Outlets, Hospitals, Schools, and the Other Institutions. Market size on the basis of geographical location spans North America, APAC, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

As far as the geography is concerned, North America is currently leading the commercial deep fryer market and simultaneously accounting for the largest share. The United States and Canada are considered among the two biggest markets as they are covering almost more than half of the commercial deep fryer market share globally. Other than that, Asia Pacific and the Middle East are anticipated to experience a high growth owing to untapped growth potential.

They key companies operating in the commercial deep fryer industry include Avantco Equipment, Star Manufacturing, Henny Penny, Electrolux Professional, Grindmaster Cecilware, Waring, Standex, and Falcon Foodservice. The prominent companies of the commercial food service equipment industry are making themselves strongly committed towards the activities related to research and development in order to improve their products based on the requirements of end-users.

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