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Color Sorter Market is segmented on the basis of type as Chute-Type Color Sorters, and Belt-Type Color Sorters. An instrument that is employed for carrying out the manufacturing process particularly in the bulk food processing and allied sectors is known as a color sorter. It is also popularly known as optical sorter, digital sorter and electronic color sorter. The main function performed by these instruments is to distinguish and set apart various objects on the basis of their colors.

They have the potential to identify and reveal the colors of objects that bypass them. In case, certain colors do not come within the given range, then numerous mechanical or pneumatic ejection devices are deployed to redirect the items. The extensive use of these devices has been found in the diamond industry, food industry, grain industry as well as in recycling.
The diamond industry utilizes it to gauge the level of transparency and purity of the diamond, thereby mechanically sorting the diamonds.

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The food industry uses them in carrying out food processing of the products like coffee, nuts, and oil crops. The grain industry separates and classifies grain with the help of these devices. Lastly, the recycling sector employs plastic color separators to detach and differentiate mixed-color plastic flakes and granules. As far as the types are concerned, the machines that are of belt-type usually split a minor fraction of material and the particular object remains comparatively still while the transport procedure is going on as it shifts in a horizontal manner on the belt. On the other hand, in the machines of chute type, the particular material slips on the chute due to gravitational force, which eventually leads to collision, resistance, and bigger vertical whereabouts, thereby leading to the deterioration of the ratio of ruined material.

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The key factors that are playing a major role in raising the share of the market include rise in the industrialization, technological developments, widening applications across various sectors and augmentation in the research and development activities. Owing to all the above-mentioned factors, it has been anticipated that the Color Sorter Market will undergo a huge growth in the near future. Color Sorter Market is segmented on the basis of application as Agricultural field, and Industrial areas. Color Sorter Market is segmented on the basis of geographical region as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle and Africa.

As far as the geographical region is concerned, North America is currently leading the market and it is anticipated that the region will go on growing with the same pace until the next couple of years due to rise in the industrialization, technological advancements, and rise in the investments by the leading companies. On the other hand, Europe and Asia-Pacific are also coming as one of the promising regions. The key players operating in the Color Sorter Market include Daewon, SEA, Timing, Anzai, Orange, Meyer, Anhui Jiexun, Anhui Zhongke, Satake, Buhler, Tomra, Key, Comas, Taiho, Anhui Hongshi, Anhui Vision, ALSC, Angelon, and Hefei Guangke.

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