Brexit Will Keep UK Safer From Isis Terror, Says Justice Minister

Britain is more at risk from an Isis terrorist attack if it remains a member of the European Union, Conservative justice minister Dominic Raab will sa... Read more: UK News, EU Referendum, UK Politics News

Tata Steel To Sell Entire UK Steelmaking Operation

Tata Steel is to sell its UK assets, placing thousands of British workers at risk of losing their jobs.Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was "deepl... Read more: Tata, Tata Steel, UK News, UK News

Much Of Palmyra’s Ancient Ruins Remain Intact Despite Isis Occupation

The ancient Syrian town of Palmyra, captured 10 months ago by members of the Islamic State group, was feared completely destroyed, another victim of t... Read more: Palmyra, UK News, UK Pictures, Boris Johnson, UK News

Did I make the wrong decision moving in with my partner?

Hi Lucy, Me and my partner have just moved in with each other. We have already started arguing and I'm already starting to doubt if we have made the right decision. We've been together for 3 years so thought it was a good time to move out. However he has no idea how much things cost and wastes money and eats everything and then says "well it?s not yours, it's ours". When I ask him to do simple things like wash his cup up instead of leaving it on the side he just says to stop telling him what to do. He doesn't understand that he can't be selfish anymore and it's not just down to me to do everything. What can I do?

Trump’s Campaign Manager Charged With Battery After ‘Grbbing’ Female Reporter

Donald Trump’s thuggish presidential campaign ran headlong into the law on Tuesday after the businessman’s campaign manager was charged with batte... Read more: Donal Trump, Presidential Election 2016, UK News, Corey Lewandowski, UK Politics News

I had a dream about skipping school…

We explore what it means to dream about skipping classes at school.

Top 10 tips for if you’re dating a grump

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Geordies Outraged After Woman Photographed Relieving Herself In The Tyne

A photo of a woman relieving herself into the River Tyne in broad daylight went viral after being posted on Facebook over the weekend.Arijus Dukst... Read more: UK News, Newcastle United, Facebook, UK News

This Is Probably The Last Thing You Want To See At The Zoo

When an angry-looking silverback gorilla comes charging right at you, you’d better hope that toughened zoo glass is the real deal.This hair-raising... Read more: Gorilla, Gorillas, UK News, Zoo, UK News

Huge Fire Breaks Out In Birmingham Scrapyard

More than 60 firefighters attended a fire at a recycle centre near Alderley Station In Birmingham on Tuesday. Plumes of smoke could be seen across th... Read more: UK News, Birmingham, UK News