What Can You Expect from the Central Business District or CBD in Raipur?


The planned cities of foreign countries really make Indians envious of their urban lifestyle! No random commercial buildings springing up in the middle of roads or blocking the linear structure of wide crossroads. Well, that dream is about to come true for India now with the upcoming CBD in Raipur!

No idea what we’re talking about?

Well, the state capital of Chhattisgarh is shifting to Naya Raipur, around 23 km from the old town of Raipur. This is going to emerge as India’s first green, smart city! Under the governance of the NRDA (Naya Raipur Development Authority), this city will host separate areas for different sectors.

Having a look at its map, you will figure out that sector 21 which is at the heart of this new Greenfield city has been dedicated to a central business district. It will comprise all the office spaces, banquet halls, retails, cafes and commercial buildings! India will see a modern metropolis competing with the best in the world with this scheme of Land Rehabilitation in Naya Raipur.

This plan mainly aims to concentrate the whole business dealings of the capital city to one specific section, not interrupting or intervening with the residential, entertainment and recreational sections.

Have a brief overview of the central business development or CBD in Raipur-

This new business hub in Naya Raipur covers a total area of 101.5 hectares! So, you can already guess the kind of corporate boost it is expected to pump! Also, it is an opportunity boost for development of Real Estate in India.

P.S. – the first phase of 25.8 hectares is already under implementation.

The area will also house a pedestrian walkway lined with formal and informal retail and recreational spots. It clearly shows the rationale that the NRDA have put into the planning of India’s first smart city. After all, corporate bugs need some entertainment between or after office hours!

Additionally the central business district is thoroughly connected to the rest to the city with dedicated BRTS service. That makes for lesser pollution and a greener environment!

The CBD at Naya Raipur has been strategically divided into two sections- a) Commercial Complex and b) Retail Complex.

Let’s have a closer look at their structural plan!

  1. Commercial Complex-

The commercial complex will house two towers- A and B. While Tower-A will have G+9 floors, Tower-B will consist of G+11 floors. Carpet area of each floor is to range between 18,000 sqft to 41,000 sqft and investment options start from 100 sqft.

Shops will feature in the ground and first floor while second floor onwards will be taken up by commercial offices.

Note: The complex will also have a banquet for organising functions!

  1. Retail Complex-

The B+G+6 retail complex will be an exotic fusion of dining to fashion stores to recreational spots! It is also to feature a fully air-conditioned shopping mall with a 3 screen multiplex, food court, office spaces and a terrace garden.

You will not be wrong to comment that CBD in Raipur is soon to emerge as the ultimate retail destination of India in the near future!

So, Investing for a retail shop in India’s fastest growing retail hub doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it?


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