Cable Strippers Market by Top Manufacturers, Main Regions, Analysis by Application Forecast to 2016 – 2021


Global Cable Strippers Market is classified on the basis of product type, applications, and geography. Cable strippers are tools used to strip the external coating of a cable to expose the active wire beneath. Generally, this tool is used when two wires need to be connected or when the end of a coated wire needs to have a connector. Cable strippers can also be called wire strippers.

Cable strippers are available in a variety of designs to support the diversity of their usefulness. Handheld designs are most convenient and inexpensive, but benchtop varieties are manufactured to assist in high-volume stripping applications. Delivery of the stripper ranges between manual, electrical, and pneumatic power sources. Generally, cable strippers are used to strip audio-visual wire, like speaker wire, coaxial cables, or video wires, to get them to connect to a data source like a cable box or audio receiver.

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Experts such as electricians or cable installation professionals frequently use size-specific cable strippers that are designed to strip a specific type of cable commonly used in their industries. Automatic cable-stripping machines are used for industrial applications in which many cables must be stripped. Majority of cable strippers do come with cable cutters that are already built into the tool. The other cable strippers are likely to have specifically-sized holes designed for perfectly stripping wires of varying sizes. Using a specially-sized cable stripper could make a proper cable stripping work simpler to execute.

The factors that propel the growth of the Cable Strippers Market include increasing demand, easy to use and wide range of applications. Cable Strippers Market is classified on the basis of product type as leather, PU, cloth and plastic. Cable Strippers Market is classified on the basis of applications as enterprise procurement, government procurement and school procurement. Cable Strippers Market is classified on the basis of geography as North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East and Africa.

The North American region consists of the U.S., and Canada. Latin America region consists of Mexico and Brazil. The Western European region consists of Germany, Italy, France, England and Spain. The Eastern European region consists of Poland and Russia. Asia Pacific region consists of China, India, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand. The Middle East and Africa region consists of GCC, South Africa and North Africa.

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Some of the key players that fuel the growth of the Cable Strippers Market include 3M, Apex Tool Group, Hakko, Phoenix Contract, Wiha, HARTING, Eagle Plastic Devices, Jonard Industries, Molex, TE Connectivity, BIVAR, Greenlee, Menda, Panduit, Sargent Tools, Vector, Belden Wire & Cable, Hirose Electric, Daniels Manufacturing, Amphenol, Craftsman, Klein Tools, Knipex, Uxcell, Irwin Tools, Steel Dragon Tools, Vise Grip, Hit Tools, Channellock, and Yamaichi Electronics.

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