A Bus Ride to some of the best night life destinations in Langkawi



Just as the sun sets, Langkawi transforms itself into a playground for the tourists. There are scores of bars and lounges on the streets offering great views of the Andaman Sea. The Pantai Cenang stretches popular for its restaurants that become cocktail bars by night. The bars play loud music and host live performances for its visitors. These bars also host various events featuring international DJ spinning local and global music. These bars are open till wee hours in the morning – thanks to a 24 hour transport system in Malaysia. Although the Cabs do not operate 24 hours the buses are available at all times. Visitors even come over just to watch the latest match on a big screen TV or enjoy the sunset while having a delicious cocktail. Travelling back to your hotel will not be a major concern as you can book your bus tickets in advance on time. There are several buses plying on routes where these nightlife spots are situated.

Malaysia surely has many reasons to boast about their strategically planned road networks. The road planning is such that you can reach every nook and corner of the city without having to change your mode of transport frequently. You can just board a bus and reach your destination without any interchange of buses. Apart from this, the punctuality and low fares of the bus transit system has encouraged people to leave their own cars back at home. These buses have their own tracking system and there is no need to wait at the bus stop either. You can travel carefree without your wallets thanks to  redbus.my, which will let you book your bus tickets online. So next time you plan on going somewhere open your redbus app, book your tickets and zip through the city conveniently and hassle free. The website also rewards you via discounts and cashback offers!!

The Sunset Deck

It is one of the most popular nightlife venues amongst the locals and the tourists here. It is quite frequented by the youngsters – thanks to its wide range of cocktails, wines and a delicious menu. It is an open-air establishment with bask tools kept under the open skies. Most visitors here come to grab a drink while viewing the magnificient sunset. The cocktails here are priced anywhere between RM22 and RM56. The Sunset Deck is just within a 15-minute drive from the Langkawi Airport making travel easier by bus.

Yellow Cafe

It is an all-day dining option, which conveniently transforms itself into a cosy bar by night. The cocktails offered by this bar are unmatched compared to any other bar in Malaysia. Yellow Cafe has modern decor and stands out precisely for this reason. The menu mostly consists of local food and economical prices. Make sure to try out the sandwich served with fried egg. Yellow Cafe also serves some signature pastas and pizzas. There is a bus stop located just two minutes away from the bar and there are buses plying here every 10 minutes.

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