The book The Indus Challenge by Dr. R. Durgadoss


1888PressRelease – The Indus Challenge is a mythological fiction. It is part of a sequel and second in the series.

The author takes the reader through the Chandragupta Maurya era around 330 BC. A period influenced by Chanakya and a tale of treachery, espionage, backstabbing, adventure and many unanswered twists.

The hero Rudra is the Commander-in-Chief of the Nava Yuva Sena. The whole story is packed with lot of historical happenings. The author has done immense research to write this book which is very much evident in the book with facts, pictures and ancient inscriptions. Some of the most unknown facts in history are discussed in the book.

One of the chiranjaeevi, Ashwathama makes a brief appearance in the story. As one keeps reading, the plots to kill the king and how the hero overcomes after accused of treachery, how he comes out and goes in search of the unknown secrets before it falls into some wrong hands is the story line. The characters are well mixed with real historical characters and the story rides through the whole of Akanda Barath.

The author has kept the tone of the book in a simple language and each chapter have been articulated in proper sense. The author is a Gold medalist and PHD in Corporate Governance and is a Director of a large corporate company in Dubai. He is well known speaker and author. This book The Indus Challenge is a part of a sequel and the first book The Shackles of the Warrior revolves around the Mahabaratha era 3300 BC. The author embarked on his writing journey with his first book The Saint in the Boardroom which was about Corporate Governance.

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