The Best Enrichment Of Kerala : Hills Stations


The famous hill ranges located in Kerala are one prime reason for the flow of tourists to the state. On coming to the place, the people get to hike up and see the most beautiful sight of nature blooming from the heights. There are certain locations which are common in Kerala tour packages, like Munnar and Wayanad. These places stand out when people want to tour Kerala just because of the umpteen number of hill ranges located there. Few of the most famous hills that are often visited by the travelers have been listed below.

The Hill Station Of Gods Own Village

Nelliampathi hill, ranges, which is located at Palakkad is a famous destination for the people to spend an amazing weekend. Known as God’s own Village, this destination is where people get to go to places like Seetharkundu and Kesavam Para. In both these places, travelers have to walk some distance as vehicles are not allowed to the endpoint. While the former place remains the part of Hindu mythology, the latter place is a viewpoint from where the travelers get to see a panoramic view of the lush green district of Palakkad. Animals like monkeys and deer can be spotted here. Another benefit of being in this place is that people get to buy organic products from here. Being an ecosystem with flora as well as fauna, POABS function here by setting up small stores where organic products like honey are available to the people.  Fresh carrots and oranges are available during the seasonal period here.  On the way to Nellimapathi, a dam is also located named Pothundi.  It is one of the oldest dams located in Kerala. Kids can also play in the park which has been made in the premises of the dam.

Ooty of Kerala: Ranipuram

Ranipuram which is located at Kasargod is another famous place for the travelers to explore on a trip to Kerala. Known as the Ooty of Kerala, this place offers to keep the people in between forests. The whole place is covered with grasslands and woods. On being here the beauty of Western Ghats is personified. The people reaching here have to trek almost 5 Kilometres to see this view. Wild elephants and other animals can also be seen in this place. The rocks in this place offer the people a good place to rest enjoying the peace that nature offers. For those people who come from metropolitan cities like Bangalore, this place is a heaven. On coming on any Thrilling Kerala tour packages from Bangalore people are astonished to see the richness of nature. They get to escape from pollution to wilderness. It is indeed a heaven for those who love to trek.

The most visited hill station; Munnar

Munnar, located at Idukki is the most famous hill station located at Kerala. A large number of people visit this hill station every year. The best thing to be done here is trekking. The destinations like Top station and Kannan Devan Hills offers hard trails of trekking. Known as the Kashmir of South India, both families as well as bachelors come here and stay. Drives and rides through the roads here is also an adventure through the dense forests. The famous Eravikulam National Park is also located here where the tourists get to site the endangered Nilgiri Thar. Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, as well as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, is also situated here where the people get to see animals and plants in abundance.

The Hill Station Of Abundant Nature; Wayanad

Wayanad is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. Being a hill station, this place offers the people a number of peaks to climb. Chembra peak, which is considered to be a hard place for trekking is also located here. There are a number of waterfalls located here as well where the people have to trek in order to reach the locations and capture the delightful scenery.

Devikulam Hill station, which is located 8 kilometers away from Munnar is also an ideal place for the people to visit when at Idukki. The Meeshapulli mala, which is also located in this district is a must visit for all the trek-lovers. On coming to this beautiful place, people can also make tents and reside in the middle of nature. But this is not allowed in forest premises. When planning to reside on hills, people should inform the concerned authorities to make sure of safety. Vythiri Hill station which is also located at Wayanad is also an amazing place for exploring. tribes are known to be residing here doing agriculture. Karalad lake and Pookode lake offers the people two amazing destinations to sit back and relax.

The Golden Peak of Trivandrum

Ponmudi, which is located at Trivandrum is another hill station which is located in the capital city of Kerala. Known as the Golden Peak, the ranges that run here are the Western Ghats. As one gets to the top of the hill, the view they get to see is the beautiful tea gardens. Agasthyarkoodam is the highest peak located here.  Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary which is also situated here is where the people get to see the biodiversity of the place. A deer park is also located here where the people get to see a large number of deer grazing the grasslands.A waterfall named Meenmutti is also located here where the travelers get to see the luscious cascading beauty of gushing water. The flowers and butterflies in this place give the people a great place to photograph. On coming on an Exciting Kerala tour packages with price, the people get to lapse into nature at an affordable price.

Kerala is indeed a great place for the people to spend peaceful holidays. They are offered the best facilities in order to make it a memorable journey of their lifetime. All the districts in Kerala offer the people a lot more than hill stations like waterfalls and backwaters. When offered mouth-watering food, they themselves come back to Kerala over and over again to visit more places and suggest others to come to this land that offers serenity as well as peace. It is hence a small heaven existing on earth.

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