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Hand is an important part of our body & that is why its careis an integral part. In our hand, beautiful nails play vital role for the purpose of smart look. Nowadays there are lots of options available in the market which helps to give an amazing look to your nails. In the current scenario, these companies are online available too. So, you can select the best option for your nails while sitting at your home or by just doing few clicks from your desktop, laptop or smartphone.

IBD just gel polish is one of the best option for this purpose. IBD gel polishes are 100 percent gel which protects your natural nails duringproviding it strong & long-lasting wear. It is available in a huge variety of colors in addition to a top coat and base coat. It gives richer & more even color to your nails. It also cures your nails quickly under UV or LED light & can be easily removed in just 10 minutes. IBD just gel polish lasts chip-free for weeks& offers rich, high gloss and superb finish touch.

Jessica geleration is the best option for natural nails. It is considered as a world leading brand due to its wide range of Jessica nail products which assists to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails. Jessica nails developed products are the one which is used in beauty salons throughout the UK for the purpose of pedicures & manicures.

Jessica geleration is used by celebrities too and currently it has grown as a worldwide nail care brand. Movie stars, models and VIPs regularly use these salon products. You can find various colors in Jessica geleration over the online websites to do your own gel manicures at home. Geleration is one of the next generation soak-off gel nail system which is used in salons throughout the world. It protects your nails&gives them an opportunity to grow underneath the gel. Jessica geleration will offer you perfect nails for 3-4 weeks with long-lasting high gloss shine with durability yet flexibility. It offers non-chip finish, super-fast drying times, no smudging, no odour, noformaldehyde, phyhalates or DBP, simple removal & much more.

Creative Nail Design, Inc. (CND) is the global leader in professional nail. CND shellac offers hand and foot beauty which offers 14+ day nail color. CND products offer the professional look for nail and beauty which can offer endless possibilities for the purpose of creating stunning nail art designs, fashion trends, color layering options and enhancements. It offers a great range of award-winning and innovative products which are available in the world’s finest salons and spas. OPI gelcolor is also gives finished & dry look. All these options assist to beautify your looks in an easy & quick manner.

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