AutomaticBot Launched ASIN Tool for Japanese Amazon Seller


Japan – ZonASINHunter, the fastest ASIN lookup tool for Amazon sellers, is now available! This new fast and easy-to-use software helps to discover thousands of profitable Amazon products for Japanese Amazon sellers to choose from within minutes.

ZonASINHunter features a technology called Parallel Processing, which utilizes CPU cores, enabling users to download numerous Amazon pages at once. This means the software can download pages using multiple Internet connections, making it the perfect multi-channel software for Japanese Amazon sellers, Amazon affiliates, drop shippers to utilize for cost control and increased profits. The lookup tool comes with an export system that is capable of handling large databases. It also delivers files that are better organized and well grouped.

A representative of the ZonASINHunter, had this to say, “No more waiting for hours just to research a small number of products. No more having slow computer performance because too many browsers are opened.

No more getting inaccurate results for the product you want.” He added, “With ZonASINHunter, we have eliminated all common problems and difficulties for Japanese people in becoming a great Amazon associate, marketer, drop shipper, and seller!”

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About ZonASINHunter

ZonASINHunter was developed with the aim of promoting the improvement of Amazon product sales by giving accurate search results of thousands of profitable Amazon products to advertise within minutes.

The software works in more advanced ways in contrast to other ASIN lookup tools that are usually more expensive, by providing unique solutions for Amazon sellers to sell more and stay on top of their rankings.

With ZonASINHunter, there will be no generation of ill-matched keywords and product information, as it gives Amazon sellers access to the right information for products, they want to advertise on their websites in only a few minutes.

ZonASINHunter delivers quicker search results as a result of its fast downloading speed since browsers are not open and the data obtained are compressed, reducing memory use. In addition, precise information on products can be obtained so that sellers can choose the best products.

The lookup tool gives Amazon sellers the most complete data available for their product research, which includes Amazon Standard Identification Number, Label, Title, Detail Page URL, Images, Thumbnail, Product Group, Reviews, Technical Details, Sales Rank, Category, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) Status, EAN, Product Type Name.

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