Want to manage project better? Opt for Prince2 certification


Every project in the sphere of Information Technology goes through a number of phases which is described as the lifecycle of that project. This cycle begins with the feasibility study and terminates with the application and maintenance of software. In order to get through this process without any hassle, organizations and companies look for Prince2 certified professionals. These group of individuals is known to possess the highest skill levels required in project management. So techno grads of this nation who are willing to achieve this stature must go for a Prince2 certification Mumbai.

Prince2 – an overview:-

Students who opt for this certification get proficient in a flexible method that leads an individual through the necessities of completing a project successfully, irrespective of its scale or size. Here is an itinerary of things that you will learn through a Prince2 certification course.

  • It teaches you to see through the viability of an assignment – your team members must complete the project keeping in mind its business aspect. Meeting deadlines with a compromise on quality is not acceptable.
  • Designing reports and charts to meet the intricacies of each level.
  • Equip yourself to escalate the clarity of a project.
  • Deal problems faced at any stage of the life cycle and carve out methods to deal with the same.

Who can you opt for Prince2 certification?

Prince2 can prove to be an important asset to your CV. It equips a better hold over resources and helps to manage assignment risks better. Individuals from varying domains living in and around the country can opt for Prince2 certification which includes –

  • Project managers currently handling an assignment
  • Organizations
  • Individuals looking to gain mastery in project as well as resource management
  • Executive or directors of companies

Programs to opt for –

An individual or University grad opting for Price2 certification can opt for Prince2 Foundation, Practitioner or Agile. The following section provides some greater details.

  1. Prince2 foundation course:

This course is meant for those individuals who are completely new to the world of project management. It provides an ideal base to get hold of the basic terminologies and methodologies of Prince2. A student will have to attend:

  • Online learning
  • A classroom course
  1. Practitioner course:

Individuals who are already in the management of projects and have a suitable amount of experience should go the practitioner series of Prince2 certification. It includes similar classroom course and learning via the internet.

  1. Prince2 Agile:

This is for those who have already mastered every level of the course. Prince2 agile teaches an individual to modify through the intricacies of project management in order to achieve better and unique results.

Final verdict –

Every techno, as well as MBA student, should opt for a Prince2 certification Mumbai. With reliable organizations, you as a student will master some of the best project management techniques and use them in the successful allocation of resources. It will also help you meet deadlines more efficiently every time.