Punggol Water Way Park

Situated in Sentul Crescent, the Punggol Water Way park is the best place for you and your family if you want to indulge in some fun filled and entertaining leisure activities. The park has been cleverly divided into 4 different zones – The nature cove, the green gallery, the recreation zone and the heritage zone. People who are fitness conscious can jog on the tracks that have been built circling the Punggol Water Way Park. You can also cycle on these tracks while enjoying the surrounding picturesque view. If you are planning to tag your kids along there is a small water pool meant for children. There are many benches placed within the greenery of the park where you can sit if you feel tired strolling around. This will be quite calm and relaxing as you will enjoy the cool and soft breeze blowing on your face and the soothing sound of water falling and splashing. You can also spot various kinds of birds if you look around. The Park is a crucial part of the NERL- North Eastern Riverine Loop. The area reserved for jetty has been renovated recently. There is also a new road under construction for people travelling by car and will lead directly to the public car park.

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Public Bus No. 334, 43, 62, 82, 83, 84, 85 and 136 will take you to Punggol Water Way Park.

Thian Hock Keng Temple

Though it is a very old structure, it has been beautifully restored with finese. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea known as Mazu. This Temple was regarded as the starting point for the town of Singapore as it was right in front of the beach and the Sea. Colonial planners then expanded China Town from here. Although a lot has been changed in the recent years it is worth noting that the Thian Hock Keng Temple is still between the modern bars and restaurants. It is believed that it was constructed in the year 1839 by the members of the Chinese community. Also it was a must visit for the Chinese immigrants and they would come here to thank the goddess for their safe passage into Singapore through the South China Sea. When inside the temple look out for magnificent sculptures of dragons and other deities. It is worth noting that not even a single nail was used in the construction of this temple. The temple features three halls – the entrance, the rear and the main hall.  The temple has been rebuilt with funds that have been collected over the years by donations received from various Singaporeans and Chinese donators.

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