The ‘inspirational’ Tube station signs you see shared across Twitter and Facebook are probably fake


Seen a picture of an 'inspirational' or 'profound' quote scrawled on a tube station whiteboard recently?

They're all over social media. Some of them may be real – but a lot of them are probably fake.

Here are some that seem real:

whiteboard in the tube station be preachin'

— – bm. (@_bobzi)
May 17, 2015

Kennington Tube rocking the whiteboard world yet again. #TubeJoys

— Tamara Harvey (@tamaracharvey)
February 12, 2015

Great whiteboard limerick by @richardpurnell, Poet in Residence at Hammersmith Tube station. #TravelBetterLondon

— Matt & Dave (@akacreatives)
September 30, 2013

And here are some that are definitely fake:

wow can't believe i saw this sign at the station today, so blessed

— saint horton (@horton_official)
December 11, 2015

@Keef76 @twlldun

— AndyinBrum (@AndyinBrum)
December 11, 2015

Amazing message of truth I just saw on the Tube:

— Bennite 2.0 (@twlldun)
December 10, 2015

Amazing sign promoting religious intolerance seen on the tube today.

— ? (@gimpyblog)
December 8, 2015

#YouAintNoMuslimBruv: Bystander shouts what everyone's thinking during London Tube attack

— Anonymous (@AnonyOps)
December 6, 2015

So true.

— Davey Jones (@DHBJones)
December 11, 2015

Deleted previous tweet but this tube sign might be fake but I agree with the sentiments still.

— Arfah (@Arf_22)
December 7, 2015

Some have riffed on the #YouAintNoMuslimBruv hashtag, and even Photoshopped a few to make it look like TfL have told Donald Trump to 'f*** off'.

If you look at the real ones, they haven't taken a political stance, and are just feel-good quotes.

It is quite unlikely that TfL employees would tell Donald Trump to f*** off by using their whiteboards.

They are quite easy to Photoshop, but Tim Waters made it even easier, by creating a computer program that allows you to input text in order to make one of these tube whiteboard signs.

However, he has allegedly been asked by TfL's lawyers to remove this software.

Due to threats by TfL lawyers I'm deleting fun parody site & GitHub repo later today 🙁

— Tim (@tim_waters)
December 11, 2015

A TfL spokesperson said: “We have asked the website owner not to use the image of a London Underground customer information sign in this way. It may not have been their intention, but we believe the images created by people using this site have the potential to cause harm and distress to passengers or members of the public who see them. There are instances where they have contained racially offensive messages.”